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Another week gone

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Family, golf, medical

Well, its been a week since I wrote here. Work is picking up. We have had a s;low time recently, not sure if people have been too scared to drive in all the rain or what, but during the very heavy downpours nothing much happened.

Must admit, im lucky to be driving a All-wheel drive vehicle at Glynnwood. i was driving up a steep hill in Edenvale coming back from an MBA (Motor Bike Accident) when the heavens opened. The rain was so hard it was like a river flowing down the road. A vehicle in front of me started sliding sideways trying to climb the hill, luckily for me the Subaru’s wheels gripped and pulled me up the hill.

Luckily my golf lesson wasn’t rained out on Friday. Had some more iron practice, then Rob assisted me with my fairway woods. By the time he was finished I was hitting a 3-wood + 220m STRAIGHT… oh man that was great. He really is a great coach, i can see why he made PGA pro of the year.

Erin vocab is really improving nicely. Recognising people and items and saying them without prompting. Saw a picture of her cousin Connor and said “Conny”. Says “Elaine” perfectly when seeing pics of her Aunty Elaine.

We are going to Connor’s birthday party tomorrow, she’s excited about seeing her cousins again, she hasn’t seen them since X-mas. Ditto for Granny Avril and Grandpa Peter, even though we live 70 km away, we haven’t seen much of them.

Dad is in Hermmanus scattering Grandpa Roy’s ashes, so he will miss her again. Pity… she loves her Grandpa so much.


Posted: February 5, 2009 in Family, golf
Well, the rain let up slightly so i could have my golf lesson today. Was supposed to do bunkers, but they were under water, so Rob (pro at Benoni Lake) got me onto the driving range for iron’s.
whew… a few changes to my stance, grip, chin and a few other key elements, and i started hitting like a pro!
These lessons really are great, and are helping so much.
was planning on playing a round afterwards, but YES… RAIN AGAIN!!!!!

Maybe it was a good thing, as my foot really started hurting by the afternoon, in fact i’m sitting here in agony. Common drugs., work now.
I was looking after Erin today after lessons, Granny Ally is sick so i needed to pick munchkin up straight after the lesson. She is soooooo busy, needing and demanding stimulation continuesly. But i so enjoy being with her, cant imaging life without her continuously laughing and funny quirks.

Trying out

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Family, golf

Well, im trying this blog thing out, see if i can get into it.
im soooo annoyed with all this rain. Bugger this, its ruining my golf completely, i havent been able to play for two weeks. had to have my lesson posteponed from last week due to the water from the sky.
Next lesson is tomorrow, X fingers!

Had another appointment with physio today. i have a torn Facia on the sole of my foot. Damn its been sore few a few weeks now. Before physio started i couldnt even walk around the block. It seems to be getting better, seeing the podiatrist for follow-up next week.