Posted: February 5, 2009 in Family, golf
Well, the rain let up slightly so i could have my golf lesson today. Was supposed to do bunkers, but they were under water, so Rob (pro at Benoni Lake) got me onto the driving range for iron’s.
whew… a few changes to my stance, grip, chin and a few other key elements, and i started hitting like a pro!
These lessons really are great, and are helping so much.
was planning on playing a round afterwards, but YES… RAIN AGAIN!!!!!

Maybe it was a good thing, as my foot really started hurting by the afternoon, in fact i’m sitting here in agony. Common drugs., work now.
I was looking after Erin today after lessons, Granny Ally is sick so i needed to pick munchkin up straight after the lesson. She is soooooo busy, needing and demanding stimulation continuesly. But i so enjoy being with her, cant imaging life without her continuously laughing and funny quirks.


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