Posted: March 9, 2009 in Family, medical

Well im back… Three weeks ago inbred local indigent scum broke into my house and stole, amongst other items, my computer, thereby restricting my ability to blog, facebook or pretty much all else related to computers. And in this day and age, thats everything.
I was working over my birthday… what a weekend!!!
A mom and dad were walking with there 9 month old baby across a parking lot and a learner driver turned around into the lot, down the wrong way, and took out the pram.
Baby was still alive, barely, when i arrived, unfortunately all efforts were fruitless…… She was a beautiful little girl.
Then the next case was a 4 x 4 that rolled, ejecting a lovely little 3 year old girl that was sitting on mom,s lap (who had a seatbelt on of course) out the windscreen.
Nicole was working at A1 grand prix, and i was picking up broken children. Dont want a repeat of this birthday again, without a question the worst one i have ever hadf.
On a good note, the next weekend we went to my folks for a braai. Erin was able to see granny and Grandpa (whom she hasn’t seen since Christmas)
she had sooo much fun, and played her heart out.

(pics by Avril de Montille)

Above is Grandpa and Erin playing in her sandpit. I hosted my Masonic Lodge braai at our house this last Sunday. Our lodge has been doing these monthly braai’s for 35 years, without missing a single one.

Mom and dad came as well, much to Erin’s delight, so and made use of the time playing with “gampa”.

Nicole brother and his girlfrien joind us with their son Joshua, who coincidently was born and the same day as Erin, only a year later.


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