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pure ecstasy

Posted: May 27, 2009 in cars
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My very good friend and proposer into the Knights Templar, V, amongst his other work, tests high performance cars and does a write up in magazines.
Over the last year I have had the opportunity to join him whilst he test drives different cars, all sport and high performance. For example, 6 series BMW, S5 Audi, Audi R8, Ferrari 430, Porche 911… Etc.
Yesterday he asked me go round to his house to take photos of his new “ride”. I normally do his photo shoot for his articles.
So I arrive and find a red Ferrari 575 Maranello.

A cool R 4.3 million rand worth of pure ecstasy


V drove me to another friends house a few KM away, I did the shoot for him, and then he did the coolest thing. He tossed the keys at me and said I can drive back. I settled into the body hugging bucket seats, turned the key to hear an enormous roar. Flicked the paddle gear shift up to first gear and slowly exited the driveway onto the road. Pulled off with an almighty roar and before I knew it I was in third gear breaking for a stop street. I took it slow to V’s street, just enjoying the pleasure of driving this machine, and then as we got to his street, he said accelerate slowly to change to third. As I got to third gear, he said, “punch it” I did… FAN-FRIKKEN-TASTIC.

That power was awesome. I don’t know the technical details, but that power was something I had never experienced before. WOW. I stopped the car and had to sit and try calm down.

It even has its own brake calliper and custom made valve.

Knights Templar

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Masonic
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“…and I Knight thee…arise, fellow knight…” and so came to the end of the most spectacular and greatest moment in my Masonic career.

Today I was knighted as a Knights Templar in the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of The Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales.

The Knights Templar throughout history has been and probably always will be a fascinating order, with many misconceptions and fantasies of who and what the Knights Templar were. Through the ages Knights Templar were the warriors of Christ, the elite of the Crusades.
They were also the first to introduce a bank with a travellers cheque. In the Medieval times, a Nobleman ans Kings would go to the Knights Templar and deposit their gold and valuables. they would receive a note (travellers cheque) which would enable them to go to another K.T vault elsewhere in the world, and draw “money”.

“They were the protectors of the not only the christian faith, but also the ark of the covenment, and some believe the holy Grail”. Could be… maybe not…, sorry, cant reveal that!!!

It is a supreme side-degree of Freemasonry which, once a Master Freemason qualifies, he is entitled to join and become a Knight.
Now as the K.T is an order of Freemasonry, I cannot reveal what took place in the ceremony, what I can say that I was amazed at what I was taught and truly humbled at that moment when I was knighted. I have wanted to be a Knights Templar since I became a Freemason, and as i sit here typing this, I still can’t believe that I have become one so soon.

( breast Jewels that I received as a Knight)

Tribute to Vernon

Posted: May 14, 2009 in medical, poetry
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Yet another Paramedic has gone, this time a bit further than the others.
Diagnosed in December with Cancer, and died today. 38 years old, survived by wife and young daughter.

And yesterday was the 2yr anniversary of my father-in-law’s death, by the same dreaded disease.

Paramedic at Heaven

The medic stood and faced his God. Which must always come to pass?
He hoped his uniform was clean, He’d gotten dressed kinda fast.
“Step forward now, paramedic. How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To my church have you been true?”
The medic squared his shoulders and said, “No Lord I guess I ain’t, cause those of us who wade in blood, can’t always be a saint.
I’ve had to work most Sundays, and at times my talk was tough. And at times I’ve been violent, cause the streets are awful rough.
But I never took a penny that wasn’t mine to keep… although I worked alot of overtime, when the bills got far too steep.
And I never passed a cry for help, though at times I shook with fear.
And sometimes, God forgive me, I wept unmanly tears. I know I don’t deserve a place among the people here.
They never wanted me around, except to calm their fears. If you have a place for me, Lord, It needn’t be so grand.
I never expected or had too much, But if you don’t I understand.” There was silence all around the throne, where saints had often trod.
As there medic waited quietly for the judgment of his God. “Step forward now, paramedic. You’ve borne your burdens well. Walk peacefully on heavens streets. You’ve done your time in hell.”