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Nicole decided to join me…

Posted: October 21, 2009 in Family, golf
while I played golf yesterday at Benoni Country Club. After her 25 day ordeal in hospital, she really needed to get outside. The CC is a perfect place for her, as its peaceful and has an abundance of animals.

So i booked out a golf cart, I played and she took pics.

(sign at dam next to 10th and 18th fairways)

(The bird in question)

(lining up a putt)

(one of the many peacock roaming around)

(all together now… left, right, left, right….)

The club has a large amount of Springbuck and other types buck

(tired after a long morning outside)

Civilized people have…

Posted: October 14, 2009 in medical
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respect for life, specifically family and even more so their own children. Savages have no respect whatsoever, they do not value life, nor do they have any remorse.

Yesterday I responded to a case that deeply disturbed me. We received info that someone was strangling a child, when I arrived i was informed that the people involved had been arrested. Just then I received a call to go to the police station as the child was unconscious.
Arriving there, i found a 4 month old baby, unconscious and clearly critical.
The father had allegedly strangled this baby girl, then thrown her onto the concrete ground.
After stabilizing her, we airlifted her to hospital where she is in a very critical condition.
HER OWN FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a very emotional case for all.
On a positive note, my 14 year old patient, B, that was knocked off his bicycle more than a month ago is doing very well. He is still in ICU with a massive head injury, but recovering well, far beyond expectations. This case really affected me, i visit him every day, and from a 0 prognosis to his current condition, it clearly must be a miracle. Even the neurosurgeon and Intensivist are surpriesd at his recovery.
remember “Mousy Blondy” J, (the little girl who I airlifted after her horrific car crash)… she also should not have survived, I received an sms from her surviving family saying she is back in Durban and doing very well, in fact she is back at play school.
There are times I really hate my job, and there are those few cases that make it seem all worth it.
B and J, you two are very special kids, for both your families and to me, and I wish you all the best in your difficult recovery. The most important thing…
You are alive!