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… sent me to the naughty spot.

we have a naughty spot in our passage where we send her when she has been naughty, not listening etc.etc.
well today, we were playing and i accidently knocked her mouth with her hand. she wasnt too sore, just went to mommy and said that I was naughty, and then returned, stood in front of me and with a very cross face, said Im VERY naughty and i must go to the naughty spot. seeing as she would not accept my apology, and thinking this is hilarious, i obliged and went to sit in the aforementioned spot. She sat me down and sais that Im naughty and she will come and fetch me…. which she did a few minutes later. She told me to stand up, which i did (on my knees so i can look at her in her eyes). with a very serious face, and me trying desperately not to laugh, she wagged her finger at me and said that I was put here cause i was naughty, and I must say sorry. after i did, she said ” now go say sorry to mommy”.
Little copycat… this is exactly as we do it and say. We were all in stitches.

We made a few stops…

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Family
…driving back from Hout Bay , one of them at Boulder beach to see the penguins. The beach was covered in them, unfortunately it was very windy there, so we didn’t stay long.

As we entered Somerset West, the clouds were hanging over the mountain like icing off a cake.

Erin decided she wanted to swim, so “Lella” and Ian joined her.
(“What are you doing????”)

(” oooh, you are gone”)

(“ha ha ha… he is sooo funny”)

Over the weekend..

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Family
… we stayed with my good friend B and his wife N in Hout Bay. B was my Prac partner at Tech, so we go back a good 16 years, and at my wedding he did my best man speech… boy did he kill me there.

They have two daughters, one older than Erin and one just a bit younger. His oldest Daughter from a previous relationship joined us. On the Saturday B and I took a few of the kids from the neighborhood ‘trick or treating”.
Erin had an absolute ball, she dressed like Tinkerbell and was really loving the running from home to home getting lots of sweets.

(The two girls were inseparable)

(B oldest and youngest)

(As you enter Hout bay from Chapmans Peak side, you come across this leopard stature on the rocks)

One of the places…

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Family
I’ve always wanted to go to Cape town and the Two Oceans aquarium. So we took last Wednesday to see it.

Erin absolutely loved it, running from tank to tank, shouting out at all the fish she was seeing.

(all the “Nemo’s”)

(look mommy… fishes)


Last week we went to Cape…

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Family
We really had a great time, and I took so many photo’s, ill have to blog them in series of a few…
We stayed at my Aunt and Uncle’s place in Somerset West to start with, then headed up the coast to hermanus to stay with the other Aunt and Uncle, and then all the way down to Hout Bay to stay with my close friend and “prac partner” from tech days.

In our room, my cousin has a set of drums. Erin found these and had great fun playing them.
(Erin’s first jaunt on a beach)

Our first day was very windy, but being JHB’ers, we had to check out the beach. The next day we woke up and saw it was great day, so we headed out to beach to check
(off came the clothes and ran for the sea)

(having a great time sunbathing)

(long day?)

Above is my cousin D, or as Erin called her, Nella or Lalla, whom she had a great time with.