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Christmas this year…

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Family
… was great, as Erin is at an age where she is starting to understand. We decided to get her a trampoline as she jumps on one at school, and she really loves it. She was soooo excited when she saw it.

She spends hours on it every day.

(oh wow, mommy, look at me)

(Jumping with mommy)

…both falling down..

Erin had her first…

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Family
…prize giving and concert at her play group last Sunday. It was very cute… they all sang a song and actioned out a poem. Erin was very excited and jumped around and sand on top of her voice.

(Erin and her best friend Riley)

Erin receiving her certificate, “Little miss independent”
(Stomping like the “snowman”)

… and I can honestly say that yesterday I had the worst case I’ve ever been to.

I arrived at the scene of an accident, to find a car had crashed into a tree at high speed. The car was absolutely trashed, bonnet indistinguishable from the cab.
I was informed that the car was travelling down the road and a child ran out in front, so the driver swerved, mounted the pavement and smashed into the tree.
i approached the vehicle, with the bystanders screaming at me that the “child” is very bad. I looked inside to find an elderly lady, covered in blood, sitting behind the drivers seat. Over her lap and half draped in the passenger well lay a 5 year old girl, completely limp and lifeless, a large gaping laceration across her forehead spilling precious blood. I climbed inside and made a quick assessment, and with the help of the Flying Squad members, i emergency extricated her out. I started active resuscitation, Iv therapy and drug therapy by the time an ambulance arrived.
i got the pulse back and raced to my hospital, where the Ct scan showed an the true extent of the injuries… she died later that night with her family sitting by her side!
why oh why do people continuesly drive with children UNRESTRAINED in cars????????