I really hate the ignorance of people

Posted: June 14, 2010 in accident, death, medical

Its always the same. “It won’t happen to me” or my favourite”I drive carefully”.

On Saturday night, a 70 year old lady drove home from a friends house, figuring that its just 2km away, and the seat belt is so uncomfortable, that she wouldn’t put it on, after all, “it happens to other people”.
As The traffic light showed a green flashing arrow, she proceeded to turn, the vehicle coming from the other side, just too fast to stop, accelerated, trying to beat the light. She was T-Boned on the passenger side, her vehicle spun and crashed through the traffic light and eventually came to a stop. Losing consciousness, with her head through the windscreen, sticking out in the cold air, precious blood poring out.
She now lies in ICU…
Sunday night, husband and wife are driving home on the highway after a nice day with their family. A pedestrian runs out in front of the vehicle, who could not stop in time. He hits the pedestrian at high speed, sending him scattered all over the freeway. He manages to stop without crashing further, glass all over him, and turns to his wife. She tries to look at him, unable to move as her seatbelt has tensioned, holding her into her seat. ( he thinks, thank god she was wearing her seatbelt) The roof has collapsed on top of her. She is hurt, but alive.
His 3 month old baby girl, however, was seated on her lap. (NOT IN THE CAR SEAT WHERE SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN)
The impact broke the a-post, smashing into this lovely girl’s head, as she was flung out of mom’s arms…
She also now lies in ICU, with 4 separate skull fractures and a very serious intra-cerebral bleed.
The feeling I get when I deal with cases like this is overwhelming. All I want to do scream and shout at these completely irresponsible parents. “Parents“, let me rephrase, These people don’t deserve children, they don’t deserve to have the privilege of being called a parent.
Please tell everyone you know…
Because, i’m the one who has to tell you that you killed your child.
  1. Avril says:

    Oh my goodness !Yesterday, we saw a lady (buckled up) and her little girl (looked about 3 years old) standing in the well between the front passenger seat and the windscreen – head inches away from the windscreen! I am having a problem commenting – hoping this one will go through

  2. Greg says:

    All power to you Carl, and all of your colleagues who do this sort of work, nay… this service, this calling. I could never cope with it. Either the heartbreak would kill me, or I would kill a so-called parent.This issue of children being left to their own devices is a huge bugbear of mine as well. Especially when mom and dad are all nicely buckled up.I wrote an open letter to one such "father" a while ago: http://tinyurl.com/n4thza – I'd love to link back to your article from it if I may?

  3. Carl says:

    go for it greg, the more we get this message across the better

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