Another child finds her way into ICU…

Posted: June 20, 2010 in accident, cars, medical

… I am privileged to be able to fly as crew on my off days on board the ER24/Discovery Medical Helicopter.

As with all emergency helicopters worldwide, we tend to fly out to the very serious cases, to stabilize and transport rapidly critically injured  patients that will benefit from the helicopter, as apposed to transporting by road ambulance. This would be the cases that need definitive surgical intervention ASAP, and in many cases, that facility is a long way away, so the time factor in transporting by road exceeds by air.

Yesterday I was on duty on Chopper 1, a Bell Longranger based at Lanseria Airport, in Randburg, Johannesburg. (sorry, I keep forgetting to take my camera with, so no photo’s at present, however you can view the heli at!/ER24Medicopter)

We were called out to a young girl, 11 years old that was knocked over by a car travelling at high speed. She was allegedly crossing the road to go to the shops, and did not see the speeding vehicle. She was struck on her left side, and sustained severe injuries to that side of her body. Head injury with associated bleed, collapsed lung, and such bad leg fractures that she might lose her leg.

Now, sadly, while this is something I see on a daily bases, seeing a child in this condition really hits home. This young lady hasn’t even reached puberty yet, and, IF she survives, and IF she doesn’t have brain damage, and IF her lung can be repaired, and IF she keeps the leg, she might not ever walk properly on two legs again. Now, she was sedated and being ventilated on scene, so she probably will never remember what she had just gone through, but the impact on her and her family, both long term emotionally and physically, is extreme and i wonder if the general population ever thinks about that when they climb in their cars and set off about their business. Whether or not the pedestrian should be in the road or not is an ongoing argument that I have all the time, with both myself and others, the fact still remains that statistically more pedestrians get hit on our road daily than any other accident category combined.  So lets all keep alert. and drive safely or maybe it will be us that puts another child in ICU.

  1. Jeanette says:

    Yay to the first post on your new blog 🙂
    Nicely written!

  2. Avril (Mom) says:

    Yay – well done Carl !!! Looks very good !!

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