Car seat?

Posted: June 22, 2010 in medical
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Over the past few blogs, I have highlighted the need for car seats and seat belts, specifically for what WILL happen if you dont secure your children.

Then you get the other side of the story, the happy side…

Picture this… you are driving home from the shops, a young mother, with your baby boy of 10 months in your car. You consider yourself a responsible person, and seeing as you love your child so much you, despite all the screams and ranting on the odd occasion, secure your precious bundle in a car seat. You stop at a robot, and the person behind you, not concentrating, crashes into the back of your car.

You were wearing your seat belt too. Your car, completely wrecked… YOU? not injured… your little miracle? not injured

To you “mom”, I salute you!

  1. Avril (Mom) says:

    There is a happy side 🙂 Well done that mom !!! All moms should be just like you !

  2. Kathy says:

    Well said Carl!! I salute you

  3. Jeanette says:

    Woot to that mom!!

  4. suzannegrove says:

    Amen to this.

    A friend of mine and her family were hit by a car with worn tyres. The driver lost control on the wet road. My friend, her husband and both their sons were all correctly buckled in, the children in suitable carseats. Their 2 month old son died – the impact was just too severe. My friend was driving and sustained several fractures. An arm, both legs, several vertebrae, compound pelvic fractures, you name it. She spent a week in ICU, another 2 weeks in hospital and is halfway through 9 weeks in a rehabilitation facility. Her husband had scratches and their 3 year old son had absolutely no injuries.

    If they weren’t wearing seatbelts all of them would’ve died. My friends can continue their lives knowing that they did everything humanly possible to keep their children safe.

    • carldem says:

      Suzanne, thats terrible news. From what i can gather from what you are saying, it was a passenger side impact? From my experience i can say that that impact sounds way too severe to protect him.I agree though, i’m really pleased to hear that the whole family was secured.

      My condolences to your friends family. This is something, despite 16 years of road experience, I never get immune to. It breaks my heart every time i go out to cases where children are hurt badly or killed.

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