This weekend two babies died in front of me…

Posted: June 27, 2010 in medical
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This weekend has so far given me  a wide range of cases, some of which i see everyday, and others I would rather never see again. Motor vehicle accidents,  drunken drivers, a house fire and babies dying.

The house fire, starting in the garage and spreading, luckily not gutting the house.

Two cases that really affected me this weekend were the two 5 month old babies that died in front of me…

The first one was completely avoidable. Why? Because I again highlight the need for car seats. Mom and dad were driving home from having dinner with friends, with their 5 month old baby boy asleep on mom’s lap. A suspected drunk driver, we suspected, the cops suspected and so he was arrested under said suspicion, skipped a red robot and smashed into the driver’s side of the family.  Mom and dad were not injured due to their efficient use of seatbelts. This beautiful, innocent baby boy, who had a future of probably grand and awesome things, died after his head hit the dashboard after being flung out of mom’s arms due to the massive centrifugal forces involved in accidents.  How people think they can hold onto their children in an accident is beyond me. The forces involved are just too large.

Then we have the little 5 month old baby girl that drowned on formula. Or so we think. What we were told, is that she choked while drinking her bottle, and stopped breathing. With my hands encircled around this beautiful baby girl, compressing her chest, massaging her little heart with my thumbs, squeezing the bag supplying precious oxygen to her lungs, hoping beyond hope that her heart gives a kick, and starts again, watching all the crew working tirelessly to save her, i couldn’t help wondering what she would have grown up to be.  Would she be a teacher, a doctor, or nurse? Maybe a shop keeper, reporter or even a politician? We will never know… Her life slipped away, and she died, leaving a stricken and distraught mother and very sombre emergency crew…

  1. Avril (Mom) says:

    How sad 😦 so very sad

  2. Jeanette says:

    😦 but I have to ask… how the hell is drowning on formula even possible?

  3. carldem says:

    last year I resused a baby of 3 months that also drowned on formula. this one was confirmed by autopsy afterwards. he was force fed by a day care worker…this case now reminds me so much like that one. especially the amount of formula I had to suction out of the lungs

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