That special one.

Posted: July 20, 2010 in medical, poetry
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I wrote this poem today, remembering the one that survived… He was strapped in his car seat. If he hadn’t…

That special one

I look around the scene that night
through the flashing of the lights
This is a bad one, I say out aloud,
I wonder if anyone’s alive.
My student finds you in the car, amongst the twisted metal,
he scoops you up and runs to me, like his foot is on the peddle.
“I found this baby,” he says to me, “the accident crushed his head
I’m not so sure if he is still alive, but I do not think he is dead”.
I pick you up and look at you,
your face so sweet and pale,
Your dying eyes look at me, splitting my heart in two.
This is one we have to save, I say to everyone,
I can see, its clear to me,
that this is a special one.
And as I inserted the tube of life, praying under my breath,
your mom and dad looking on, begging for success.
The doctors said there is no hope, and as I stood and looked on
“3 months old”, I say to myself, “God help this little one”.
A selfish drunk crashed into you, while you were going home
She can see the anger in my eyes, when I tell her what she’s done.
Night and day I walked inside,
And sat beside your bed,
I prayed and watched over you,
“This is a special one”, I said
And then one day, your mom looked up, as I walked into the room,
With tears streaming from her eyes, “I hoped to see you soon”
“My boy will live” she cried out loud “look, he is awake”
I held your hand, and wept a tear, the team has crossed the lake.
Every day I think about
That terrible fateful night.
The day I met a small young boy,
Who fought with all his might.
The boy who inspired me to go on, to continue in this game
The miracle child that gave me hope, Keanu is his name.
And while I sit and ponder now,
What could and should be done,
I think about a fateful night,
I met that special one.
Carl de Montille
This work is protected by copyright.  Publication, recording, replication,  reproduction, and distribution by any measure to any degree, by any device, is prohibited without the authors consent.
  1. 1markt says:


  2. Jeanette says:

    Jeez Carl, I think you’re going to have to publish all of them.

  3. carldem says:

    thanks Jeanette, glad you like it. this one really came from the heart. It happened 5 years ago when i was working in Durban. The day Keanu opened his eyes, was the very day they were going to switch off the vent.

  4. Dad says:

    Wow a very poignant and powerful poem that comes from the heart of a very special person. You will forever be in the thoughts of all those you have helped.

  5. Kathy says:

    Wow Carl, this is really great!!! You are so very special.

  6. Avril (Mom) says:

    I remember you telling us about this very special little one. What a beautifully written poem .. from the heart .. the heart of a very special son .. we knew you would be special .. I must tell the story of your birth one day on my blog …

  7. Avishkar says:

    I do remember this one, it inspired us all.

  8. Nicci says:

    Wow this made me cry. Beautiful!

  9. Peter Wright says:

    Wow – these poems of yours are just amazing, just so powerful and hard hitting, but so gentle at the same time.

    You ought to get these into a book and get it published..


  10. Kerry says:

    wow! 😉

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  13. Lisa Santos says:

    Makes me cry everytime i read it. Thank you for saving my little angels life!!! xxx

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