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a Taste of what’s to come

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Family
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My brother in law (Nicole’s brother) got married this weekend on a game farm in the Limpopo province (North of Pretoria) and I naturally took my camera… good thing too, as there was an issue with their photographer, so I took their wedding pics for them. As I have not yet given them to the happy couple, and not as yet finished processing, i’ll show a few kids pics and sneak two wedding ones, just to give a taste until later…

Erin and her cousin Joshua


Nicole and Erin, who was a flower girl…

…My two beautiful girls…

…it was rather an unusual ceremony, definitely not the conventional…

…The groom and the boys…

My Prize!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Family, golf
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Every month, I purchase the two leading golf magazines available in South Africa…and every month I enter every competition they both offer. I love both magazines, as they each have a unique approach to golfing and between the two, one gets all info, news and instruction available.

Anyway, as i say, I’ve entered every competition, both in the magazines, and their respective websites.  So last week, i get this call, and was told that I had entered a competition in the August edition of “CompleatGolfer”, and low and behold… I WON! WOW, amazing, I didn’t think I would ever win any of those competitions.

And what did I win?

A Cleveland Tour Staff bag, as used by PGA pro’s on tour, such as Boo Weekley, David Toms, and Major winner Vijay Singh.

how cool is that?

so now I have a huge mixture… I have Adams clubs, Nike 3-wood, Nike putter, Taylormade driver and a Tour Cleveland bag.

In memory of all the Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, EMS, Port Authorities and other volunteers, who gave up their lives, trying to save the innocent, that died in the cowardly attack on 9/11.

This picture, is of a fireman at the base of the twin towers, having lost his all his colleagues and friends…

An EMS Prayer

As I perform my duty Lord
Whatever be the call,
Help to guide and keep me safe
From the dangers big and small.

I want to serve and do my best
No matter what the scene,
I pledge to keep my skills refined,
My judgment quick and keen.

This calling to give of my self
Most do not understand,
But I stand ready all the time
To help my fellow man.

To have the chance to help a child
Restore his laugh with glee,
A word of thanks I might not hear,
But knowing is enough for me.

The praise of men is fine for some,
But I feel truly blessed,
That you oh Lord have chosen me
To serve in EMS!

Daddy’s little helper

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Family

…1st we wet it…

then we wipe it…

more water?


Swazi baskets…

Posted: September 3, 2010 in medical
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… beautiful… … and decorative…

… and from the lighter side, the local version of the S.A super stores..