I met an old friend

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Poem, poetry
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I’m interrupting my Mauritius posts to share a poem I was inspired to write yesterday whilst sitting in traffic returning from a heli-shift after meeting an old friend…

I met an old friend

I met an old friend

Whom I haven’t seen in years

And seeing him again

Almost brought me to tears.


I recognized him across the parking lot

It was a face that I remember, that used to laugh and joke a lot.


He was my mentor you see

And taught me way back when,

A great man, you see, and true and loyal good friend.


He smiled at me and gave me a hug

And said to me “my boy

I missed you, you big lug”.


It was his eyes, I recall,

That gave me some hope

When I was a student, trying so hard to cope.


His voice was so loud, and full of joy,

His demeanor was full, and acted like a boy.


But I looked at him now, and saw with regret,

That he is not the same man that I couldn’t forget.


His hair was the same,

And so was his face,

but looking at him closely

I saw there was a space.


His voice was the same,

A laugh so full and hearty

The face was the same

with a little touch of naughty.


He took off his sunglasses,

And i realized with horror

That its not the same man

That lived life sans sorrow.


His eyes were so sad

They made my heart break

His soul looked so dead

What horrors lay in his wake?


All I can say, to this ghost of my past,

Is “fear not my old friend; I pray this will not last”.


Carl de Montille

This work is protected by copyright.  Publication, recording, replication,  reproduction, and distribution by any measure to any degree, by any device, is prohibited without the authors consent.


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