I never get used to seeing children hurt badly…

Posted: November 8, 2010 in accident, death, medical
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Be warned, this is a rant….We seem to go through these stages of not seeing paediatric trauma, and then, BOOM, we get hit with it all at once.

Last weekend I went out to a MVA (Motor vehicle accident) two cars had a high speed head-on-collision, and then another car smashed into them.I haven’t been on a case like this one in a long time. 3 cars with multiple entrapments, 8 Priority 1 (Critical) patients inside them, 3 of them children ranging from 4 – 9 years old. The kiddies were in the vehicle that smashed in from behind, and then rolled off the road. Both driver and passenger were serious, and so were the kids. I found them in the well between the back seat and the front seats. All 3 sustained serious injuries from the severe mechanism. Now, would they have been injured if they were restrained? Yes they would have been, but so severe? I highly doubt it. You see, seat belts are designed to restrain the body in moment of impact and subsequent inertia forces that act on the body. Without restraints, the bodies fly around, crashing into all objects in the vehicle, at forces equivillant to 10 times the child’s body weight.  If only the parents had restrained them…but NOOO, IT WONT HAPPEN TO ME! being the usual response. “I drive safely”-yeah, you probably do, but the other idiots on the road don’t.

All 3 kids were taken to the best facility, and are currently fighting for their little lives.

Then today, I went out to a little 4 year old girl, that was walking with her nanny back home from the park, when she saw her mommy arrive home. So she let go of the nanny’s hand and ran across the road. A quiet neighborhood road, where mostly families drive. However this time, an underage unlicensed driver, in a suped up car, came flying down the road, and hit this beautiful little girl who was excited to see her mommy.

He stopped 100m from where he changed the lives are so many people.There was no pulse on this little one, so pale and lifeless. My team and I actively resuscitated this little girl, in the middle of the road, with mommy and her daddy watching on, the irresponsible driver being arrested, with all the passion we had, and breathed a huge sigh when we got the pulse back. She was taken to the surgeons to continue the miracle work, but my heart bleeds so much for these parents. Prognosis? I don’t know…

But then, as i stop at our usual watering hole, I sit down, and this car stops next to us, and a woman gets out the car. I look up, and see a little boy of about 3 standing on the front seat. Car seat in the back… I cracked! I have to admit, i finally cracked!

I walked up to this woman, and asked her if she she actually loved her child, if she honestly believed she was a responsible parent. I told her what we experience all the time, and with tears in my eyes, I told her that if she didn’t use the car seat, which clearly is the best invention in a 100 years, then it would be  yet again ME coming out and telling yet another parent that they had killed/maimed their own child. She said to me she didn’t see what the big deal was, and walked away.

When will people ever learn? I don’t think they ever will. To all the parents, guardians and minders that are out there… be warned, it WILL happen to you. And when it does, I will be there, or someone like me, will be there, to try and save yet another innocent child because thats just what we do. I often wonder why I chose this profession, why I choose to continue in this emotional and debilitating career and despite all I see, despite the agony I experience each and every time, I will continue to do this, because these little ones need someone to fight for them, to try to save them, to try to give their loved ones hope, and to try to give them a future.

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh my word Carl I just cant understand people. You are doing such a fantastic job, my heart goes out to you.

  2. Cheryl Becker says:

    You are special! and I have great admiration for the good you are doing under such emotional circumstances.

  3. Victoria Leeson says:

    Ignorance is Bliss Carl…. You are correct that it is the innocent who pay….. thank God these innocent ones have you fighting for them.

  4. Stan Hill says:

    “She said to me she didn’t see what the big deal was, and walked away.”…….. how absolutely and infuriatingly arrogant or ignorant an answer.

  5. God is working on His purpose in your journey, Carl. Thank you for your selfless gift to our imperfect world we live in. Keep pressing forward.

  6. Rene Riekert says:

    Godd bless, I feel your pain. I also hate it when people drive with their kids unrestrained

  7. JBagley says:

    Carl, this breaks my heart. I have family who do EXACTLY what that lady did in allowing their kids to use the car as a jungle gym while they drive. I’ve told them numerous times to buckle their kids up, but they don’t always take note or sound genuinely concerned when they say “yes, ok.”.

    I pray I never have to experience the pain and suffering the people you see watching over their kids while you try and save that life.

    You might not think it or feel like one, but you are a genuine hero. I just wish you didn’t have to be.

  8. Albi says:

    Thank you for the great work that you are doing. I never go anywhere without buckling up my kids. I try and get others to do the same. Reading your post, made realise I need to spread the word even more.

  9. JBagley said “you are a genuine hero. I just wish you didn’t have to be”. As your mom, I feel your pain .. I wish I could take it away. God bless you son, and keep you safe x x x

  10. Justin Hampson says:

    I feel your pain, especially when you have a family, with children roughly the same age

  11. parents that don’t buckle up their kids adequately… should be arrested!
    SA has a long way to go with child safety on the roads 😦

  12. Dad says:

    We always pray that your guardian angel is with you to protect you and give you strength to deal with all the terrible things you see and have to do to help all these people. To all the innocent children whose lives you have saved and all the people you have helped you are like an angel to them.

    Remember despite the complete lack of care these people seem to have for their children you are making an incredible difference to so many people who will forever be indebted to you. God bless you my boy and may He continue to give you strength to do the amazing work you do.

  13. Carla Viegas says:

    Carl you are a true blessing sent from GOD you saved our very special boy KEANU and as Lisa’s friend I am forever grateful. Keanu is a fighter. I have three kids of my own and they love Keanu as if he were their own brother. You saved his life cause you believed there he had a chance when everyone else said the opposite. When you see Keanu again you will see what I mean, even though he is blind and unable to move speak to even respond his is a hero in my eyes. Every-time I visit lisa and keanu and I go and greet Keanu I continuously kiss him on the cheek and ask him how is my little man doing and he give’s me that special smile of his it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. My Baby is only 18 months old but when she visits he is like a magnet she just wants to sit next to him…

    I love Keanu and Lisa with all my heart and who ever reads this I am asking for your help, please join this group that I have opened for Keanu and Lisa I am trying to raise funds for Keanu to go to Germany for a stemcell transplant which he needs urgently.


    If you could join and invite all your friends and if they could also donate R10 or even R20 it would get us closer to our goal.

    Thank you Carl for being his guardian Angel on that specific day nano second, minute hour. You were sent from God to help KEANU… GOD BLESS YOU


  14. carldem says:

    Carla, i can’t tell you how much it means to me that I now have contact with this special little boy. As i wrote in my poem, Keanu had an effect on me the moment I saw him, minutes after his accident. There are some patients that just come and go, then you get those few, that you just know you are destined to be there for. keanu was that one for me. I cant wait to meet him again. You are clearly a good friend to Lisa and keanu, and i look forward to possibly meeting you as well. Good luck with the fundraising.

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