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Posted: November 20, 2010 in accident, death, Keanu, medical, Poem, poetry
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I seem to be going through a serious emotional time at the moment. Things are happening in my life that are forcing me to re-look at certain things.

So today, feeling a bit lonely, I was going through a box of old things, and found something that shook me to my first birthday. This specific item was given to me in the Christmas following a case i had gone to that changed my life forever. And looking and reading it, brought all the memories, both good and bad to the forefront. I cried holding this, even Erin asked me what was wrong.

I was told this young man would die, based on the best medical science, all believed it, though all prayed it wouldn’t happen.

It didnt.

He lived.

I wrote a poem a while ago about him. I think this poem is better…

I have no idea what happened to him after he was discharged, I wish i knew, unfortunately I lost touch with his parents.

So, to Victor, Lisa and most especially Keanu, wherever you are, you guys are the most special people i have ever met in my life, because the fact is:

YOU saved me!

  1. I’ve only seen this now (Tues) – I remember that card … and now you have the contact through Jeanette and Facebook

  2. Carla Viegas says:

    As Lisa Santos is a special friend of mine I have taken this responsibility to assist her in raising funds for her and Little Keanu, Please people is you can assist in anyway, maybe get your company or your bosses to sponsor Lisa and Keanu. Spread the word and you can make a difference in Lisa and Keanu’s life. Please help us raise enough money so Keanu can get the Stem Cell Transplant in Germany.
    Thank you and GOD BLESS!

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