A surreal experience…

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Masonic, Uncategorized
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Last night was a very prestigious evening for me. Every mason aspires to get to the highest position in the lodge. A position that takes years of patience and study, and for me, last night that honour was bestowed upon me.

I was installed into the chair of King Solomon, and made the Worshipful Master of Orphic Lodge (5949 E.C) http://www.orphic.co.za

And I have to say, it was an amazingly surreal experience. I was so nervous at the beginning of the evening, as there were very distinguished Brethren present, and I was hoping, nay, praying that all the work I had studied would come back at the right moment. You see, all our work is done by memory. And….yes..it did. In fact, the evening went better than I had hoped for.

The Jubilee jewel, honoured to the Worshipful Master, around my neck

  1. Kathy says:

    Congratulations!!!! soooo proud of you

  2. Congratulations!! Well done Carl!

  3. Cheryl Becker says:

    An amazing achievement. Congratulations and well deserved.

  4. blackhuff says:

    Congratulations. Such an honor.

  5. I knew you could do it! Congratulations my boy – we are so very very proud of you !!

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