King Solomon’s Chair

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Masonic, Poem, poetry
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When I was invested as Worshipful Master, it was truly an amazing experience. I wrote this poem based on that night. Freemason’s out there will understand, the popular world, not so much….

I hope you enjoy!

King Solomon’s Chair

I stood upon the chequered floor,

and faced King Solomon’s chair.

The Masters of the past assembled

and a Tyler guarding our Fare.


The moment arrived for which I had waited,

An obligation was required.

To take my place amongst the brethren,

With the greats that I admired.


From North to South to West to East,

The ancient journey is taken.

A Mason aspires to travel that road,

Which others would not have forsaken.


My heart does beat, and faster still

It pounds away in my chest.

As I kneel and place my hands on the Law,

And promise to do my best.


A pledge is taken, fidelity promised

Honour and virtue assured.

About my neck, a jewel is placed

And the clasp is then secured.


Toward to pedestal I’m taken and placed

Upon the ancient Throne.

Where Monarchs and Princes, and Dukes and men,

And a brotherhood is sown.


The feeling is one I cannot describe,

As I invest my Brothers that night.

And as I gaze upon the lodge right then,

Realisation hits me with might.


“Worshipful Master” now I’m called,

From Past and Master Masons,

The Entered Apprentice and Craftsmen alike

While they take their obligations.


A Lodge to rule and govern this year

With Brothers to nurture and guide.

Advice to be taken from my mentors of past,

While they stand as one by my side.


The evening is done, the brethren invested,

I walk outside with pride.

A fraternity of men with whom I belong

Have honoured me deep inside.


And so on the chair each month I sit

From which Solomon ruled true and fair,

And talk with pride with men alike

Bonded on the square.

By W. Bro Carl de Montille



  1. Nik Gittins says:

    I happened upon your blog when researching the First Degree tracing board. Its brilliant to see someone enjoying their Freemasonry as much as I do. I have gone through your archives trying to read all of your masonic related posts…some of the poems are fantastic.

    I am in Eccleston Lodge (UGLE 7754) and am a Master Mason. Due to the strength of our Lodge it will be some years before I take the Chair of King Solomon but already I am looking forward to starting that journey through the offices.

    Congratulations and I hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous year. Enjoy!!

    Yours fraternally,

    Bro Nik Gittins

  2. […] being installed again felt the same.The poem I wrote in February 2011 remains apt to this day. ( […]

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