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easter bunny arrived…

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Family
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and assisted by alternative beings!

even in the trees…

The hoard and a VERY happy girl


The little Monkey

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Family

This year, Erin started at her new school, grade 000, and one of the things she absolutely LOVES doing, is climbing.

So the other afternoon I went to fetch her, she ran up and shouted” watch me daddy”

Her teacher Debbie, said she has been trying this for a while now, very determined to complete it.

she was so proud of herself, and I clapped and cheered at how clever she was, all the time, my heart was squeezing as I saw my Little girl climbing up this dangerous rope.


The old Masters Wages

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Masonic, Poem, poetry
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This is one of those poems that makes us take a good look at ourselves, whether we are a mason or not.
I find it to be  a very thought provoking one…
It was sent to me by a Masonic Brother in Australia, and was written in 1979..
The Old Masters Wages

I met a dear old man today,
Who wore a Masonic pin,
It was old and faded like the man,
It’s edges were worn quite thin.

I approached the park bench where he sat,
To give the old brother his due,
I said, “I see you’ve traveled east,”
He said, “I have, have you.”
I said, “I have, and in my day
Before the all seeing sun,
I played in the rubble, with Jubala
Jubalo and Jubalum.”

He shouted, “don’t laugh at the work my son,
It’s good and sweet and true,
And if you’ve traveled as you said,
You should give these things their due.”
The word, the sign the token,
The sweet Masonic prayer,
The vow that all have taken,
Who’ve climbed the inner stair.

The wages of a Mason,
are never paid in gold,
but the gain comes from contentment,
when you’re weak and growing old.
You see, I’ve carried my obligations,
For almost fifty years,
It has helped me through the hardships
and the failures full of tears.

Now I’m losing my mind and body,
Death is near but I don’t despair,
I’ve lived my life upon the level,
And I’m dying upon the square.
Sometimes the greatest lessons
Are those that are learned anew,
And the old man in the park today
has changed my point of view.

To all Masonic brothers,
The only secret is to care,
May you live your life upon the level,
May you part upon the square.
by N. Neddermeyer

Erin turned 4 on friday

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Family

I cant believe, that Erin is four years old already. it just seems the other day, she was born…

Anyway, we had a party at our house with a few friends and family…

The Barbie cake Nicole made

the baby she has been begging for…

new pram and baby mat for her new baby doll

her doctor set came with funny glasses and her own steth…

young Troy showing us his ‘piggy face’