3 children die due to adult negligence…

Posted: May 15, 2011 in accident, cars, death
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This week has been a bad one. Once again bringing to the forefront child safety in cars, a subject which, unfortunately, appears NEVER to end.

Starting off with a minibus taxi rolling, sending all the occupants flying out the vehicle, initially killing  a 6 month old little girl. Lying just 10 m away, sprawls an 18 month old girl, barely alive, hanging to the last of her breath… I managed to stabilize as best as we could, then sent her to hospital, where sadly she died…

This is a contentious issue in that, while I’ve been a huge advocate for car seats in private vehicles, here we have another problem. Public transportation offers absolute no option for child safety for their passengers… and in the current economic climate, majority of the people utilizing these methods to get to work, take their children with them to drop off at a daycare center, nursery school or wherever. These taxi, transport, legally, 16 passengers, in reality, up to 30… and offer absolute no protection for the little ones.

THEN, last night I went out to a horrific accident… Family driving back home, had a head on collision with on of these taxi’s… massive impact, all occupants were injured.  But relatively minor in comparison, and why? because THEY of course were wearing seat belts!

The impact severe, but other occupants relatively uninjured, proving effectiveness of seatbelts

But the worst off was the little 4 year old girl, who, had the utmost and innocent trust in her mother and father to take care of her…

She was standing in-between the driver and passenger seat on impact, her body was flung forward with a huge force, slamming her beautiful body into the dashboard,  cracking her skull, snapping her neck, rupturing her organs and breaking her little bones!

have a look at the back seat: NO car seat, and intact shell..children would’ve been safe

Despite very aggressive resuscitation,…She will NEVER know what it will be like to learn to read and write, she will NEVER say “I love you ” to her mom and dad again, NEVER get to play in the garden with her dolls, NEVER go to “big school”, NEVER have her first kiss, NEVER have her first boyfriend, and NEVER have the opportunity to make a difference in this sick, cruel world of ours.

and why is that…because despite aggressive resuscitation efforts, this beautiful 4 year old girl died… in front of me…and while my 4 year old daughter sleeps at home…and I cannot help but feel this enormous loss that these parents will feel when we tell them the news. And what do we tell them?

simple….Your daughter is dead… because

YOU didn’t have a car seat.

YOU didn’t  keep her safe.

…I am tired!

I have been in this depressing and emotional career for 16 years… and I am so tired of seeing innocent little children dying because the very people who they trust, literally with their lives, FAIL them. And its always the same…

I drive safely    REALLY? What about the other idiots on the road

It wont happen to me: HMM: thats what thousands of distraught families thought before I tell them they killed their children.

so, I go home after this, walk into my daughters bedroom, and I gave her a big kiss on the forehead, I tell her that I love her so much, and  grateful she is in my life,  and thank God that I have a car seat, and that since the day she first left the hospital at birth, she sat in one… and NEVER has sat in the car without one. because, I love her, and I am responsible for her.

I only wish, that all these so-called parents out there take heed… IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!

So for the love of your creation, PLEASE, use car seats!

  1. Jenty says:

    Poor child 😦

  2. Yvette says:


  3. Dominique says:

    Those poor children 😦
    I see kids standing up in the car daily, makes my blood boil. I’ve tried talking to a few but they just swear and speed off. Parents like that should be arrested for child neglect and murder. It only takes a few minutes to strap them in.

  4. darren says:

    So sad!!!
    Unfortunately we bare witness to this type of bad parenting all the time , what’s more unfortunate is that when we try and give good sound advise it falls on deaf ears!!! As you said” it wont happen to me”!!!

    Wanting and having children is not a right , its a god given privilege.

    I some times think that we should have a” licence” to be a parent. Would that work ? I doubt it , but even if it could save 1 child’s life it would be well worth it.

  5. Andre says:

    Makes me so sad to read this, with my own 18 month old sleeping peacefully in bed – I don’t start the car if he’s not strapped in, never has, never will!

    I wish the cops would stop sitting on their butts behind bushes and get out there and give out stiff fines to parents who do this…or is there no law currently which forces you to wear your seatbelt / children be strapped into car seats?!

    I feel for the ppl who HAVE to use public transport 😥

  6. carldem says:

    well said Darren, and to Andre, I agree with you there should be stiff penalties….
    There is a law, its just not enforced!

  7. Nicola says:

    Thank you for this. I reposted it on my FB profile. I feel so strongly about this, and agree with you wholeheartedly. I have even seen family in luxury sedans without strapped in kids or babies. As a mom to 2 boys it infuriates me. I try sometimes to get the attention of the driver, but mostly they give the finger. I suppose we can all just create awareness, which is exactly what you have done.

    Also, I really like your point about public transport. Interesting.

    Thank you

  8. This makes me so sad this morning. I can not believe people still let kids stand in a car! My word! And yes, what do you do about public transport – that is just a sad lost case.

  9. kalpa says:

    My Prayers go out to all involved. I am mom to 2 gorgeous boys aged 21/1yrs and 5 yrs and have found it absolutely impossible to find ANYONE in the transport industry willing to put the kids in car seats OR seatbelts when taking or dropping off from school. Due to a eye disorder i am unable to drive and this has been a HUGE wake up call as to how dangerous these people really are. We have decided that my hubby would rather come all the way from work pick kids up from school and then return to work. An inconvienance to most people but well worth it for our kids safety!!!!!!! Very difficult when you are not mobile and others are not interested in safety. $$$$$$$$$$ is all that is on these peoples minds. Very sad cause no amount of money can bring someone back.

  10. Chantelle says:

    I agree with Darren that people should have a ‘licence’ to parent. I think one of the big problems when it comes to car seats is discipline, often children will throw a tantrum when their parents try to strap them in, and then mommy or daddy is having a bad day and just doesn’t want to deal with it so they let the child just do whatever. So sad. I’m sorry that you have to deal with the repercussions of those parents’ bad decision.

  11. Shuia says:

    Hi Carl,

    I’d like to do something about the law in SA and carseats. I’d also like to educate more parents and children. Please drop me an email so I can send you all the ideas that are bubbling in my head? Thanks!

    • carldem says:

      Hi there Shuia,

      This is definitely a passion of mine, no , passion is a wrong word.. A bugbear of mine.
      I have Been operational for 16 years, and I can’t tell you how many children I have treated, and seen die because of parents negligence. I don’t think you actually want to know. And its just that, parents negligence.

      These young ones have no voice for themselves, they place their entire trust in the wellbeing and safety of their little lives, in the people that created them, and that trust is broken in the ultimate way when they are not strapped into a vehicle.

      Its the age old story… “it will never happen to me ”

      You are most welcome to contact me.

      Let’s stop this abuse!

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