Masonic cowboy

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Masonic

As a young boy, I used to don my hat, strap on my gun belt, and run round the garden, shooting all the “baddies’, as the ultimate cowboy.  I watched all his movies,

He was my hero!

Who was this gunslicker that captured the imagination of boys worldwide?

JOHN WAYNE (born May 16, 1907 )

Born Marion Morrison, “the Duke” appeared or starred in over 200 films in his fifty-year career, winning an Oscar for “True Grit,” in 1969.

He is remembered for his definition of the American individualist of a mythical wild west, he came to represent America to several generations of movie-goers.

But John Wayne wasn’t just the ultimate cowboy on the big screen, in real life, he was also a member of  the oldest and most honorable fraternity of men this world has ever known.

Like his father before him, The “Duke”  joined Glendale DeMolay Chapter and was initiated into Freemasonry on July 9, 1970.

In December of that year, he joined the York Rite Bodies in California and became a Shriner in Al Malaikah Shrine Temple.

and then joined the Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56, Tucson, Arizona.

He was summoned to the Grand Lodge Above, and died  on June 11, 1979.



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