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This weekend we came to Lakeland, at the Hartebeesport dam for a bit of R &R, golfing, boating, just all round relaxing. N’s family has a place down here, a beautiful tranquel setting, perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and work.

After Jeanette posted her blog about Kathy’s brave fight with breast cancer, I was sitting looking at the dam, and it reminded me of a time we came here in December 2006. Early Christmas morning, I woke up at 04h30, in order to set up my tripod and camera at the dam, and wait for sunrise.  As I came out my room, I saw my father-in-law, sitting outside in the dark. He said he couldn’t sleep, and wanted to come with me to talk. So we walked down to the dam’s edge, set up, and sat on the grass bank and chatted.

You see, I had a very special relationship with my father-in-law, as he wasn’t just that to me. He was also my Brother.

He proposed me into Freemasonry, he brought me into the Fraternity I have grown to love and thrive in. He held my arm in the distinctive Masonic grip, and led me into the Lodge at my initiation, and blindfolded, he was by my side as I took my obligation, and removed the blindfold for me to see as he taught me about the great and emblematical Lights in Freemasonry.

We sat and spoke about Masonry, how much it meant to him, his aspirations to grow and learn in the Craft, and my future in the fraternity, and where I wanted to go with it. And as the sun rose, I took a picture, which to this day, hangs on the wall in my lounge. This very picture, I gave to my Brother when he could no longer get out of bed, the cancer having finally taken its toil. Every time I look at it, I remember his fight, his will to survive, his determination to see his first granddaughter born, his corny jokes, his love for animals and his family, and his passion for a Fraternity that embraced him as a man, as a father, as a husband, as a MASON.

25 December  2006 sunrise

Every time I visit a Masonic Lodge on the East Rand of Johannesburg, I hear tales of a Masonic Brother, a vet from from the area, who was always the life of the festive board, with his jokes and care free attitude. He resides now in the Grand Lodge in the sky, and I’m sure he is constantly keeping The Great Architect of the Universe entertained with his wit.

I returned from Cape Town this week, having been there on business, and I had the brief opportunity to visit Kathy, and I was so impressed with her optimism, and FIGHT.

Kathy, you are truly an amazing woman, taken this breast cancer head on and refusing to back down. I’m so proud of you!

long lost “sisters”

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Erin, Family

A big apology to all my followers, I haven’t blogged in  awhile. As previously mentioned, I left the road after many years of operations, and have started a new job/career.

Well, I can tell you now, a month down the line, I definitely made the right decision. I have NEVER worked with such a vibrant, positive and fascinating company as I do now. Wow, I can honestly, I am really enjoying this position. Its hard work with many challenges, which I’m jumping into with gusto.  What makes it really enjoyable, is the team I work with. aASmall and very specialized department, all with great ideas and as we are all in management roles, we drive each other to exceed our goals.

Anyway, we, as a family, had a wonderful visit last week, by our great friends, who emigrated to Australia two years ago.

Their daughter is our god-daughter, and they are E’s god parents. The two girls saw each other, and for the next two nights were inseparable, like long lost sisters. They cried and cried when they parted ways.

                                                                              Two “sisters” E (4yrs old) topping K (61/2yrs old)…. (pic taken with blackberry)


we miss you guys so much, and cant wait to see you again.