Singing in the rain

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Erin, Family

With Erin’s pre-primary concert coming up, she spent all her waking moments, (and sleeping ones) singing the songs for the concert. so when it started raining the other day, she grabbed her umbrella, ran outside, and started singing one of the concert songs.


if all the rain drops were lemon drops…”

“…and gum drops…”

“…standing outside with my mouth open wide…”

“…ah ah ah ah ah ah aha..”

‘streeetch… I’m tired now…”

  1. Love these !!! Your photos came out much better than mine!! Love the ‘singing in the rain’ with brolly.
    Am still having a problem with my comments – can’t see anthing when I’m typing so if there are any typing errors, I can’t see them until I post the comment !!
    One for the calener would be nice ?!

  2. Ooops I see typing errors 🙂 🙂

  3. Jenty says:

    Bwahahaha!! Love the stretching one 🙂 Well done Erin

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