A stranger, a grip, and a brother

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Masonic, Poem, poetry

One of the things Im getting used to with my new position, is all the travelling. I’m really enjoying jetsetting around, getting to see all the different places in South Africa. Unfortunately, I havent been too inspired to blog, but today, sitting at the East London airport waiting for my flight, I came across a poem I would like to share. And why you ask?

Because an elderly gentleman approached me, while i was enjoying my coffee, surfing the net, and introduced himself with a handshake.
The masonic grip recognised, he said he saw my ring on my finger, and wanted to say Hi!

I See You’ve Traveled Some

I See You’ve Traveled Some
Wherever you may chance to be;
lwherever you may roam,
far away in foreign landsor
just at Home, Sweet Home;
It always gives you pleasure,
it makes your heart strings humjust
to hear the words of cheer
“I see you’ve traveled some”

“When you get the brother’s greeting
and he takes you by the hand,
it thrills you with a feeling
you cannot understand.
You feel that bond of brotherhood;
that tie that’s sure to come
when you hear him say in a friendly way,
“I see you’ve traveled some.”

And if you are a stranger
in a strange land, all alone
If fate has left you stranded,
dead broke and far from home,
if a stranger stops and takes your hand,
it thrills you – makes you dumb,
when he says with a grip of fellowship,
“I see you’ve traveled some.”

And when your final summons comes
to take a last long trip.
Adorned with Lambskin Apron
white and gems of fellowship.
The Tiler at the Golden Gate
with square and rule and plumb
will size up your deeds and say
“Walk in,I see you’ve traveled some.”

(author unknown)


  1. Maggie Mae I says:

    Capturing the bond of a stranger by similarity and understanding. I love this poem.

  2. Amazing poem! It’s ‘funny’ how I spot the ring on others too and know what it means. I also saw a chappie on the beach in Mauritius reading one of the books .. with a ring on his finger

    … yay I can see my typing as I type!! The blankness obviously had something to do with the old laptop

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