An irresistable habit….

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Family, Uncategorized
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I have a habit, you can even call it a superstition, which is so overpowering, I just have to succumb. It sometimes causes embarrassment to my family and work colleagues, but sometimes, and in my case mostly, you got to just accept the urge and reliquish control.

Recently my CEO and COO were witness to this occurance, and thankfully, they both shook their heads and laughed. My whole family and close friends prepare for it, and would be bowled over it it doesnt occur.

What is this horrific habit that embarrasses all around?



Every restaurant I go to for the first time, I HAVE to try their chocolate milkshakes when ordering the first drinks.

Some restaurants are not phased, and take the order  as per any other. Others however, I am faced with raised eyebrows and aghasted looks. One 5 star restaurant waiter, dressed in black tie and tails, looked appalled. He stated in the queens English ” we do not serve milkshakes here sir”. Now, a comment like that, well, is just not acceptable to me.
After explaining the consequences of me not receiving my chosen beverage, which included raising my voice so the other patrons could hear my distress, I received, with out a question, one of the best milkshakes I have tasted.

Those that know me well, wait in anticipation. Why?… Because if the milkshake is not good, I will not eat there, and wont go back. And I will not accept variations either. I am not fooled by Bar-One milkshakes, as the caramel distorts the taste.
I want, and expect, and normal,  old fashioned chocolate milkshake.

It must be thick and creamy, full of smooth ice-cream, and rich in chocolate. Better yet, when made with quality chocolate ice-cream. It must not be milky and runny. If I wanted that, I would have ordered chocolate flavoured milk!

I know it sounds silly to some, but it is my test of a restaurant. My theory is this…. If you cannot take the time and love to make a simple delicious chocolate milkshake, then your cullinary skills, no matter how allegedly good, will go completely un-noticed to me.

  1. You’ve insisted on choccie milkshakes for years! I remember the Shakaland milkshake was made especially for you .. and with a smile .. they were so willing to please 🙂

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