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grandfather’s box…

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Masonic, Uncategorized

I saw this posted today, and I just had to share it. Its such a beautiful poem, showing how two generations connected too late. Unfortunately this is too common, as grandfather’s don’t discuss with son’s who don’t discuss with their son’s, resulting in a generation loss.

A father/son relationship too distant to discuss the simple things, be it pride, uninterest, strained or just busy with everyday life will inevitably prevent the continuation of a family name amongst Brethren,the joy of being and growing together or just expanding the chasm between them. And as the connection happens too late, the regret will never surpass. One has to wonder, as he receives his inheritance, what relationship he has with his own father.

by Wor. Jack SuttonCorner Stone LodgeDuxbury MA 

I hated to hear the lawyer say

The things my grandpa gave away.

Like his old truck to Dad and Mom

And world war medals to Uncle John

My name was called And something was said

About an old wooden box Underneath his bed.

Just a worn out chest

With a rusty hinge

But I knew Grandpa kept Something special within.

When I opened the lid

alI I could see

Were some unused tools And a letter to me.


 A large fancy cloth

With two long strings

A small wooden hammer

Among other things

He wrote a man’s job

Is to be a good husband father and a friend.

I built my life as best I could

By the tools laid here within.

He said the compasses remind me that life has boundaries

So live your life within

The square proves true and so should you

When dealing with all your friends.

Be an honorable man and walk uprightly

According to the plumb.

The level teaches us treat all men equal

Instead of only some.

And now it’s your turn

To start your journey for knowledge, love and faith

So live your life by the Square and Compasses

And tools of your trade

Many years have passed by since

I first opened Grandpa’s wooden chest

The tools he gave me, t

he words he wrote

The challenge to be my best.

 Today I’ll visit Grandpa

At the place where he was laid

To let him know he can be proud

I’m a Master of my trade.





Posted: August 7, 2012 in Erin, Family

Now, my American friends and Brethren must think I’m nuts getting all excited about a little bit of snow, so let me explain.

For johannesburg to get snow is extremely rare. I have seen snow only 3 times in my life. Once in September 1981, another in June 2007, and now in 2012.


                                                                                                          June 2007

It started today very softly, and got harder as the day went on, which was very frustrating as I was at work….
So after work, I drove the 2 hours back home, picked up my daughter, and raced home.


There, in the dark, we played in the snow. Threw snowballs at each other, chased each other.. We had a ball!


                                                                                          trampoline covered in snow



So yes, we were crazily excited, and I played in the snow as much as my 5 year old, who was excessively ecstatic as this was her first experience with   snow.