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Little golfing machine

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Erin, Family, golf

Erin is taught the fundamentals of golf at school. Called “Sticks & Stones golf”, the kiddies are taught the swing basics to encourage the love of the game.
I saw how much she looks forward to playing on Fridays, and have seen her swing in the garden, so I decided to get her a few clubs and allow her to embrace the support sport I have grown to love.

So I took her to a local course on Monday, being a public holiday, got a cart as I didn’t think she would manage to walk and play 9 holes, and let her have fun.

And boy did she…


The course was under maintenance, but that didn’t deter us.


it was her first time on a golf course, hitting real clubs and proper balls,


And along with many misses, she still smashed a few brilliant drives with the hybrid. Longest drive being 58m.


They are taught an interesting method of measuring the line to putt, walking from the ball to the hole, then pointing at the ball as in the above picture.


Great form and distance control


All in all, an awesome daddy/daughter day on the golf course.


Oh, and lets not forget the “Sponge-Bob-Square-pants” golf balls she chose.


Forget Me Not

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Masonic


In 1934, soon after Hitler rose to power, Freemasons were being persecuted and masonic property confiscated in Germany, and it became more evident that Freemasonry was in grave danger.

Realising this, Freemasons went undercover  and adopted a little blue flower, the Forget-Me-Not , to replace the traditional Square & Compass as the means for Masons to identify each other without fear of punishment and death.

During the decade of Nazi rule, the Brethren wore the flower on their lapel, refusing to allow Masonry to be extinguished. In 1947, the Grand Lodge of Germany re-opened, and a little lapel lapel pin, depicting that symbolic blue flower was manufactured in memory of those who had survived those bitter years to keep the Masonic light alive.

And so a little blue flower blossomed into a world wide known emblem of Freemasonry, worn with pride by tens of thousands of Brethren


At the nursery we found some Forget -Me -Not bulbs, and have planted them in our garden. This is to remind me of all Masons who have steadfastly remained true to Masonry, despite persecution, abuse and rebuke.