An EMS Christmas I pray never happens again….

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since I joined the Emergency Services, all those years ago, this has always been the time of year I have dreaded.


Because, working on Christmas eve and Christmas day always brought me soul destroying cases.
One year  I remember only too well.

An elderly couple left their children and grandchildrens home, afte having a wonderful Christmas day together. At the stop street right outside the house, an out of control car came speeding round the corner and smashed into the couple, flipping the car onto its roof.

The family were standing outside, witnessing the whole event.

When I arrived, they were both upside down, granny was not too serious, but grandpa was severely injured. With no access into the car, I lay on my stomach and with the only arm I could fit inside, tried to keep his airway open.
The fire department was saving a home at the time, caught on fire from a gas cylinder leak.

His body weight was too much, and I lay there on the tar outside the vehicle, whilst other EMS crew were trying to find a way  inside, helplessly watching him die. His wife of 60 years lay next to him, trying to keep him talking, to no avail… Grandpa died next his his soul mate, trapped in his car, while his children and grandchildren watched from the sidewalk.

This is one of the horrific scenes the EMS round the world will experience tonight and tomorrow. Well, I pray they dont.

Emergency Services Christmas Prayer  

Please make this, Lord, a silent night, this one night of the year.  
No sirens wailing through the dark, no shouts of hate or fear  
No crumpled cars and twisted steel, no blood and tears that spill.  

No messages of grief to take, to homes that suddenly grow still.  
Please, King of Peace, no drunken fights that wreck the family tree,  
And all the dreams of some small child, who clings, in fear, to me.  

Let travelers tread the tinseled streets safe from assault and harm.  
On this night, this special night, no red lights, no alarms.  
I’d like to be at home, Oh Lord, where spice and cedar scent the air.  

I hope the children don’t wake up, until I can be there.  
Please make this Lord, a silent night, no hate, or hurt, or crime,  
But if this cannot be, Oh Lord, Please help me get there in time.  



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