I have been inked….

Posted: May 7, 2013 in tattoo, Uncategorized
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For many years I have wanted a tattoo,but have always been too chicken to go ahead with it. In March, CHOC organised a tattoo-a- thon to raise money for cancer research, and I thought…THIS is the opportunity!

So I went ahead and booked my tattoo. Circumstances happened, and I couldnt go to the origional booking, and ended up going today after work.

Now, the decision as to what to have is always a tough one. I had an image in mind, and sat with artist, Bea, who transformed my ideas into a work of art. For me, I felt I needed to choose something that means alot. Not just a design from books. Its going to be permanent, so I gad to have something that represents ME!!

And so the time had begun, sitting on the sterile bed, in cubicle that resembles an isolation unit in an ICU definately put me at ease. Bea’s easy-go conversations placing me at ease, explaining everything as she went along..


The picture traced onto my arm…And…. Off we go! The buzzing started and I felt the first little sting.


I must admit, it really was an interesting experience. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting, just an annoying continuous little sting. But Bea kept me at ease, and we yacked away… Yes, even me (to those who know me well) while she performed her artwork


I have a new found respect for tattoo artists. A profession woven by passion and a artistic gift that has not gone to waste.

A HUGE thanks to Bea at Jaded Ink http://www.jadedink.com

Oh, yes… The finished product?


Well, almost finished… Touch up to follow..


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