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A daughter is a gift of love

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Erin, Family
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Fathers Day today is definitely the best I have ever had. Did I do anything special?.. No… I played golf this morning at Services Golf Club, the military owned golf course in the heart of the Defence Force corps.
Erin wasn’t home when I left, as she had spent the night at a friends farm.

So when I got home, she presented me with a Fathers Day present I will NEVER forget. Nothing bought, just a simple gift made at school and at home.



And from school…..


Braai mix, with a picture she drew ofher and me braaing together…. special? Yes, very…. but what she said whilst explaining the picture brought me to tears.

Let me diverse slightly first. I am colour blind, snd one of the favorite games Erin plays is trying to teach me colours.  She thinks its very funny I cant distinguish colours, and takes it as her responsibility to teach me whenever she can.

Now, when she was describing the picture on the braai mix container, she said.. ” you can see blue, hey daddy?” After I said yes, she sighed and smiled..

A bit confused, I asked her why, and then she floored me!

I made it blue so you can see it”

That simple act of making sure I can see the picture because of my colour deficiency made the tears flow from my eyes! That small thoughtful act from a 6 year old made me realise what a lucky man I am..


I love you my princess!