A suspicious box…

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


I fetched Erin from her grandmother’s house the other day on the way home from work, as I usually do. As with any other day, Erin comes sauntering past me to the car, carrying her stuffed toy/s, leaving me to carry the rest of the mass quantity of items she feels like hording.


This day, however, I was presented with a box.


Not an ordinary box, mind you, a shoe box!


Trepidation filled my soul, and I felt my skin grow cold, as I start imagining what creature lurked in the darkness of its makehift home. I gently take the box from my 6 year old, trying to ignore the excitement on her innocent face, and taking a deep breath, I slowly open the lid, peering inside, fearful of the undoubtedly ravenous beast, preparing world domination.


And there it was, .. there THEY were, spread over the surface of the box, layered on dessimated flora, lying in wait for some unsuspecting leaf to be thown ontop of them….


I sighed out loud, looked at her, with the temptation to fall to the floor and scream out loud, knowing we have crossed the threshold of pre-school to primary school,.. ‘OMG.. WHY?????”



Every parent has gone through this, just as they tortured their own parents with the same gift, given to them by some unknown classmate whose mother/evil destructor of sanity carries out her plan for class domination. 

So off we go home, carrying these silky crawly creatures, stopping on the way to shred the nearest mulberry tree of its fruits of labour, with all the promises and assurances by a little girl to look after them, and allow them to grow into massive fat worms. 

A few weeks later, we start seeing the signs of alien life forms



And then the transformation into flying bugs, ready to begin their onslaught on the unsuspecting human world!


And so we continue to harvest these silky transformers, and we wait for the next evil incarnate to hand over another tormenting creature to the innocent.  











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