A frustration and a winning letter…

Posted: December 18, 2013 in golf, Uncategorized
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The controversial debate regarding the benefits of both virtual and local clubs has been on-going, and probably will continue for some time.

I was introduced to golf 5 years ago whilst at a corporate golf day, and the bug bit.. very hard. I can now proudly say I am a complete golf addict!! At the time I couldn’t afford to join a local club, so I joined a so-called virtual club.  The club is a genuine 18 hole course in fantastic condition, and we take pleasure in making the trip for the annual club champs. 

Joining this club offered me the opportunity to play this game I grew to love, obtaining a handicap and playing at all the local courses in Gauteng….” 

This is the start of my letter I submitted to the Golf Digest. I have been so frustrated with the attempt to join a local club, I can truly understand why golfers prefer the virtual clubs. So, afer facing obstructions at every turn, I sent the letter to the editor, with the hope it will be published and the various golf courses can appreciate the frustrations that golfers are facing. 

In fact, I ended the letter with..”This letter is to all the clubs in our country. Get out of the 70’s and 80’s, review your acceptance policies, and provide the opportunity for golfers to actually join your clubs, or more new golfers will join the virtual fraternity to avoid the hassle of becoming a member, just to play the game they love” 

To my surpise.. and delight, not only has my letter been published in the January issue of the Golf Digest South Africa,



..but I also won the “letter of the month” and received this a cap and 12 x Pro…

The meat of the letter you ask?.. well, you will find it on page 118 


  1. Whoo hoo !! Well done my boy !!

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