Big school

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Erin, Family

We woke up this morning amidst a thick fog of excitement. Amongst the hustle and bustle of getting clothes ready, making lunch, getting bags into the car… I looked at my little girl, and wondered where the time has gone…

… From a cute adorable little baby that stole my heart the moment I held her….



…To a beautiful little girl, with a stunning (albeit fiesty) personality who has her daddy wrapped round her little fingers.. (Yes, I admit to that) starting “big school”



Standing outside the house, looking at her in her uniform, my chest filled with such pride and love…


So we drove to primary school.. (wow, it feels strange saying that) and she showed me her class room, as she hasd gone to orientation yesterday. fortunately a few of her friends from pre-primary school are in her class, sothey all huddled together, waiting for the teacher to arrive.


what an atmosphere outside the classroom.  All the new grade 1’s, in their brand new uniforms, dragging their sparkly clean bags, the moms and dads bustling for a spot to take pictures who were clearly more emotional than the kids. And yes, I have to acknowledge, I was VERY close to shedding a tear or three!!



A huge hug and kiss as her teacher ushered them inside, they found their desks and I snuck my phone round the corner intot he class for ONE last shot!!

Have a great day at big school my princess.

  1. How time has flown !!! A big girl now .. new uniform, new shoes, school bag. Can’t blame you for shedding (or so very nearly) a tear or two. Have lots of fun at Big School Erin .. Granny and Grandpa love you xxx
    Elaine also sat at the back of the class on her first day next to …. name escapes me at the moment .. he became head boy at high school and is now a vet.

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