A parallel universe threatens to collide

Posted: April 16, 2014 in medical

Last night I was browsing through the traffic stats on my blog, and going into some of my older posts which had been viewed, and I realised something…

It felt like a dream going through the posts of Keanu, Brandon and countless others in my “medical, death and accident” categories. The rants I had on child safety after treating countless broken little boys and girls, the emotional posts of terrible cases and the horrors that humans do to each other, and trying to sum it all up in my last post as an operational paramedic https://carlsstuff.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/the-winds-of-change/

I remember every case I have been on in all my years, and yet, having been at EA for 3 years, it feels like a lifetime ago. In fact, almost like it wasn’t me at all, but rather viewing my memories as a 3rd person.

I vowed never to return to the road, and yet I find myself sitting with an emptiness that can’t be filled. Looking back then, and reflecting now, as illogical at it seems, I am a mirror image in a parallel universe that is so different, should we ever meet face to face, we would pass each other without a second glance.

It was a world where my doppelganger found love, experienced sadness, felt pain, witnessed nightmares and dreamt the past. In this world, I have found a passion and purpose in the boardroom which is challenging and rewarding, and ever still, the two worlds threaten to collide and become one.

Perhaps a cosmic collision is required to reduce the black hole. One never knows as we plod on in our diverse altered realities.


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