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… proved very fruitful. We got a break away from it all. Very weird at first having no internet or cellular communications… then we finally just accepted and enjoyed the moments of peace.

Many times I have thought of emigrating, even went through the full process and was offered a post in another country, and truth be told, I only really will be willing to move to the States.. anyway, I’m digressing…

This country is messed up, a complete lawless and corrupt society, but when I stay in the bush, I feel at home and at ease. I love the African bush, the beautiful animal life, the peace and tranquility.  It is the only time I can honestly say, I’m proud to be African.


…a Kudu standing tall and proud…


…Impala leaping across the road…


…a beautiful Wahlberg’s Eagle…



.. the breathtaking view from the neighboring Marakele National Park..


.. the majestic giants of the African veld…


…taking advantage of the shade in the 41°C heat…


…Mountain reed-buck leaping across the veld…


.. and the best of all, we got to see this magnificent beast, resting in the shade. I only pray Erin will get to see more in the wild, unharmed, where they belong.

The October school break is very short, so when we booked our holiday, a few non-negotiable’s were looked at. Firstly, it must be in the bush as Erin has never experienced it yet (which is sad considering we live in Africa), and two, we must be out of communication , PERIOD!!

So many searches on the Net found the perfect location, and we booked at the Seokama Lodge.

A stunning location set in the Waterberg Mountains, between Bela-Bela and Thabazimbi. A self catering luxury tented camp offering complete privacy and zero… and I mean.. ZERO.. cellular communication.

SEOKAMA_2014   SEOKAMA_2014_1


We stayed in one of the 4 luxury tents on the game farm, with the exclusive use of the lodge and farm. With no other guests on the premises, we had the privacy we wanted, and relaxation was in order.

SEOKAMA_2014_17   20141007_144126

Seokama is a breeding game farm and along with a large selection of Warthog, Wildebeest, Impala, Zebra and many other beautiful animals… main attraction and focus of the farm, is their breeding of rare black impala.

SEOKAMA_2014_15      SEOKAMA_2014_16


So we put our feet up, went on daily rides….               ….Sitting in hides….

SEOKAMA_2014_18 SEOKAMA_2014_22

took some pics……                                                       …learnt  how to shoot a pellet gun…


..learning about ” Forest Num-Num Berries”..

SEOKAMA_2014_07  SEOKAMA_2014_06

….and braaing under the African night sky…                     ..on beautiful hot summer evenings..

… to represent their house in the Inter-House Athletics, Erin raced for the first time representing “Ash” House. She was so excited and couldn’t even sleep the night before.


... and they’re off… 60 m sprint…



… second place, pipped by a hair…


.. a seriously happy little girl…


… 2nd race.. 80 m…


… and second place again.. also very very close… 


.. and the proof thereof... and yes, that is a colorful monkey around her neck

wow. I am so proud of her. Nicole and I were screaming our lungs off for her. what an amazing feeling watching your child succeed.