Our trip to the bush…

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Family, Photography
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… proved very fruitful. We got a break away from it all. Very weird at first having no internet or cellular communications… then we finally just accepted and enjoyed the moments of peace.

Many times I have thought of emigrating, even went through the full process and was offered a post in another country, and truth be told, I only really will be willing to move to the States.. anyway, I’m digressing…

This country is messed up, a complete lawless and corrupt society, but when I stay in the bush, I feel at home and at ease. I love the African bush, the beautiful animal life, the peace and tranquility.  It is the only time I can honestly say, I’m proud to be African.


…a Kudu standing tall and proud…


…Impala leaping across the road…


…a beautiful Wahlberg’s Eagle…



.. the breathtaking view from the neighboring Marakele National Park..


.. the majestic giants of the African veld…


…taking advantage of the shade in the 41°C heat…


…Mountain reed-buck leaping across the veld…


.. and the best of all, we got to see this magnificent beast, resting in the shade. I only pray Erin will get to see more in the wild, unharmed, where they belong.

  1. […] year we try to go away for some R&R. Last year, we went to the beautiful and tranquil  Seokama Lodge. This year, Erin wanted something different, and so did we. Personally, I wanted a no hassle […]

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