Master fitting

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’ve been playing golf for about 7 years and have only bought (or won) standard off the shelf clubs.

The irons have worked well with me, and I tend to change these every two years, and I’ve always kept to the same brand….Taylormade.

Why, because of two reasons:
1. They have always worked well with me
2. I’m a bit of a thick headed person, hating change (or so I’ve been told)

Golf balls are different, I’ve played with all the brands and stuck to Taylormade.

The drivers are the same as the iron, never changed nor even tried a different brand. But I find that the batteries in the driver tend to go flat VERY quickly, and severe frustration creeps in.

So, as is customary for myself, I purchased my Christmas a present from me to me, a new Taylormade driver. Well, OMW, I swear the batteries were flat within days of leaving the shop. I couldn’t hit this frikken driver straight if my life depended on it !!!!

So I figured, enough is enough, it’s time to see which driver is the RIGHT one for me. I booked a Master Fitting session at the Pro Shop in Woodmead.

Gathered all my old drivers, including the new temper flaring evil incarnate of a driver, and headed for a custom fitting.


The trained master fitter told me to keep an open mind about brands, assessed my needs, and off we started.



Countless balls smashed into a screen showing the ball flight, different brands tested with the same type shaft, same brand with different shafts..each providing very specific specs to check the correct driver customized for you. Very interesting specs shown. My average swing speed is 106 MPH producing a ball speed of 157 MPH.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or pro, the numbers show exactly what you want in ball flight and recommend the correct club with the correct adaption for you, facilitated, discussed, and advised by the Master Fitter.


Half way through the session, I started noticing that I had indeed chosen the incorrect drivers over the years, as we identified two brands, slowly being customized, coming out tops.

Once the new brand… Note, NEW brand to my absolute surprise, was selected with the correct shaft, my hand measurements were taken… And a brand new driver personalized for me was made, all while I waited. And the best part, because I traded in the old clubs… It cost me NOTHING !!!


Lesson learnt, every golfer must get custom fitted for all clubs.. You’ll be very surprised at the result.

Now I can’t wait to hit the course and test my new creation

  1. Now that’s interesting !!!! Looking forward to hearing how you play on the course 🙂

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