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A token to an inspiration

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Family, tattoo

The inspiration of how to finish my Phoenix tattoo happened in December when my Aunt and Uncle came for a visit from the Western Cape.

Kathy is a breast cancer survivor, having fought the dreaded disease with full might, as eloquently described and portrayed in Jeanette’s blog

Kathy is fighting cancer yet again, this time harder than ever. Kathy is like a second mother to me, and a friend who always makes time to talk to via phone or texting, or whilst I’m in Cape Town over coffee or dinner.


With me currently coming to grips with some of my own “interesting” health news, I found I have been thinking more and more about Kathy. Seeing her sheer determination, will to live, and awesome positive attitude has become an inspiration for me not to give up, and not allow tests and diagnosis’s get me down. Rather focus on what’s important to me.

The ones I love!

I went to Bea, my awesome tattooist from The Black Lodge,  and explained what I want and the meaning thereof and her work, as usual, presented it perfectly.

Thanks Bea


The Phoenix now has a double meaning for me: Victory over temptation , and depicting the woman who inspires me to be strong no matter what the odds.