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There is a well know saying that says ” how do you know a Vegan or Crossfitter?… They tell you”. Well, that’s me as a Freemason. 

I proudly call myself a Freemason, and will tell everyone I meet. In this day and age, it is something that’s no longer a hidden secret, and the more the fraternity gets to be known, the more the outside world realizes there is nothing sinister about the fraternity. I am a changed man since I joined 10 years ago and as I’ve progressed through different degrees and orders within the Fraternity, and what I’ve experienced and learnt, ,makes me even prouder and love Masonry even more. 

Now, being part of different orders: The Craft of course (Masonry), the supreme degree of the Royal Arch, Rose Croix and Knights Templar, each one holds a very special place in my heart. A Mason progresses through all the positions within each order from his initiation to the head of his Lodge, Preceptory or Chapter, learning and growing as he passes through each level. Having been the Worshipful Master and Excellent Companion of my Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter respectively, my pride for the Fraternity is extreme. 

The Rose Croix no different. A few years ago, I explained my entry into the Rose Croix   It is a beautiful spiritual order, focusing on Christian values and ethos. Last night was a specifically important evening for me, as I was enthroned as the Most Wise Sovereign of the Composite Chapter. As with any order and degree of Masonry, I cannot reveal what transpired or was learnt, but suffice to say, it was an amazing evening. 

Standing in front of the alta as The Most Wise Sovereign

This beautiful collerette is handed down from Sovereign to Sovereign