An observation on leave 

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Family

With our holiday over, and back at home, naturally my mind keeps going back to our glorious stay. One thing which keeps playing on my mind, and something Nicole and I both noticed, was the complete lack of appreciation to fellow man we saw.

Initially I viewed this as guests in 5-Star facilities just believing they were superior to those “serving them”. I’m a bit anal when it comes to service, and tend to get annoyed when I don’t receive what I expect, but what we saw really disgusted me.

You see, this wasn’t based on poor service, rather the “no care” attitude and impolite action of guests. At the  Valley of Waves, Erin and I experienced this waiting to go down the awesome tube rides. Erin smiled and said hello to the lifeguard, who was controlling the slide, and she seemed so shocked. She returned a massive smile and said we were the first to greet her. It was 11h00 and the water park was packed. From then , I started to observe the interactions by others, and noticed how the lifeguards, waiters and staff in the water park and other parts of Sun City were completely ignored. No smiles, no hello’s or thanks you’s…it was as if they were not there. And the worst part, most of the culprits were children.

Are we the only ones who teach our daughter to treat others with respect? To greet those helping us? To smile and thank them?  Last week’s observations made it seem like that, but I sincerely hope that’s not the case.

Very disappointing indeed at societies complete disregard for our fellow humans taking their time and effort in making our holiday special.

Anyway, ending off my holiday blog, I can at least say it as fantastic and something we definitely must do again.

 ….from getting lost in the Maze….

……crossing over the swing bridge….

 ….swimming in the wave pool…
 …. exploring the bamboo forests…
 ….zooming around on Segways….
 ….admiring rock art…
…sitting on the bridge as it shakes….

  …. playing golf on hallowed ground…
 We relaxed and had fun together as a family, which I will always cherish


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