The builder

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Masonic, Poem, poetry, Uncategorized

I came across a poem today, and I felt I needed to share it. Whilst it is written by an unknown Masonic Poet over 100 years ago, it truly is relevant in our society as a whole. 

I’ve seen it in my career, from when I was a green newby to 20 years later with an excessive amount of experience (yes, even I was guilty of this, especially as a Station Officer). 

In the EMS its prevalent, and I’ve seen it very common in business as well.  The rationale in the EMS  is to make them stronger…

Ultimately, no matter what the excuse is, the  breaking down of people for is ones own benefit and causes, in most cases, severe long term  damage to ones self esteem.  

Tne motto for Masonry, “making good men better” falls within this space, hence the poem. 

Take a moment , read it, understand it, and look into yourself…

The builder

I saw a group of men in my hometown

A group of men tearing a building down

With a heave and a ho and mighty yell

They swung a beam and an entire wall fell

I asked the supervisor, “Are these men skilled?

The type you’d hire if you wanted to build?”

And he laughed and said, “Why no indeed!

Common labor, people with no talent is all I need

For I can tear down in a day or two

What it took a builder years to do”

And I thought to myself as I walked away

Which of the roles am I going to play?

Am I one who is tearing down

As I carelessly make my way around?

Or am I one who builds with care?

In hopes that my friends (my brothers and sisters)
will be glad I was there?


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