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As with anyone getting tattoos, I started looking at getting a new one immediately after my last a few months ago.  This time, I wanted to design  one myself, specifically looking at the symbolism of Masonry, selecting those symbols which represent and/or are special to me.

Many consultations with Nicole throwing ideas around, drawing different versions. The symbols I wanted was easy to decide, I just didn’t really know how to place into an image… . I finally came up with my design I truly wanted.  Next I needed to plan where I wanted it, and when.

As fate would have it, Nicole bumped into an old friend from years back, whom we had lost contact with after she opened her studio and moved to a different location. Typically in this electronic age, changing phones and the like, one tends to lose numbers. Sitting with Charmaine, I showed her my idea, and she loved it.. we discussed various options to complete (my drawing was horrific). The final product… WOW… absolutely perfect.

Sunday afternoon we arrived at TattooCharm, and began to ink.



The finished product?


Spectacular !!!!..The extremely talented Charmaine’s (specializing in body painting and tattoos) beautiful artwork depicting the Masonic symbolism which I live by (or try to), in my quest to become a better man, husband, father and Mason.




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