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So mote it be 

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Masonic, Poem, poetry, Uncategorized

I read this poem today, and felt I had to share…. 

So mote it be

written by: Skyrock Pinkrose
I know a man of faith, hope and charity
This man whom I know for years of nobility

His honor is mine to wear

A name he was proud to bear

He live in the sunlight of Freemasonry

And walk in the ranks of right 
I am my father’s daughter

I carry his name with pride and honour

He was always true 

To the best he knew 

Looks down on me 

To carry his standard high

He is a man and a brother who is “Square”

in all that he “Compasses” 

And to me he gave an honest name, 

integrity and pride
He made me a better person with his light

He made me live my life with heads held high

The man I call my father

Gave strength of me standing tall

He stands my guiding force

My light, my god in disguise
He always said, no matter how old I get

That within thy heart, a princess remains timeless

Biggest fan I am, the man I call my father 

the everlasting image of making good men better

so then with pride let the musical waltz of life to play forever forward 
As I lightly tip toe, across destiny’s ballroom floor.

My dancing card remains eternally full, 

written within one name stands out,

 it is yours my dearest father “Mason”.

So Mote It Be.


Every year, the District Grand Lodge of South Africa North, of the Grand Lodge of England, hosts its annual banquet in honour of the charity recipients selected by the Masonic Benevolent Committee. 

Over the past 20 years, over R 25 Million has been donated to non-Masonic charities. 

The recipients  this year were  the Three Church feeding schemes, Impilo Home for Aids Orphans, The Gordon Foundation Swaziland, The Hero Burns Unit Pretoria and the Green Beings Solar Lighting Project. 

As usual, the recipients receiving the larger donations attended the banquet to receive their respective cheques, and to provide some background to their charities. 

The Amazing Grace Children’s Home received a generous donation to build a new laundry. 

And then, the recipient who received the larger amount, was one that shares a special place in my heart. As an Emergency Practitioner, I have seen the devastation traumatic head injuries cause, so seeing an organization like Headway benefiting from our charity  drives really warms my heart… 

.. And what made it even more special, was they were represented by two amazing women I worked with, and became good friends with, many years ago at Glynnwood Hospital. 

Sally and Bianca, we are all so proud of your achievements at Headway. Well done and keep up the amazing work you do for the patients and their families. 

Our attempt at the Parkrun

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

I must admit, we have been very slack in our fitness regime since December last year. I hit the gym excessively hard over the previous 2 years, and with my “little” cardiac and Septal growth issue, and then finding out about my muscular atrophy in my legs… I took a break towards the middle of last year… Towards the end, well, lots happened which completely demotivated me. Anyway, so we decided to get back into the swing of things,and made an attempt at the Ebotse Parkrun What a great,albeit tiring, experience.


 I came 460th place, the 283rd male out of a field of 767 parkrunners and I came 25th in my age category.

Erin, well,she seriously impressed me. Having never run this distance, our plan was to walk… After the first km, Erin decided it was time to run… and off she went. And she kicked our assess.. I trailed behind as she was pushing Nicole to run even faster.

She did great, 448th position and placed 3rd in her age range, with a time of 44:36.

Will we return? Definitely