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… are upon us…..well….ME!

Since starting studying, I have worked operationally for 17 years in various roles. I’ve been a paramedic, a Station Officer, an Instructor and course coordinator, a Flight paramedic on helicopters and airplanes, a manager at different private ambulance services and thinking back, I’ve had the privilege of responding at high speeds on the roads in Johannesburg, free state and Durban in  a wide variety of cars.

Ford sierra , opel kadetts, mazda 6, ford telstar, ford mondeo, Toyota camry, audi A4, BMW 328, Golf GTI, Jetta TDI, Toyota RXI, RunX, Colt rodeo, Subaru WRX, Subaru Legacy….hmmm, I could go on, those are the memorable ones.

I have been the the most fortunate person saving many a childs life, seeing the joy in parents eyes when they realise their precious creation has lived through a tragedy.

I have been the unfortunate person, resuscitating countless children due to parents neglect in the form of drownings, car accidents, firearm accidents and abuse. I cant tell you how many small lifeless bodies I held in my arms, after fighting to keep them alive, with tears rolling down my cheeks.

I have delivered many a baby, in shacks, in mansions, in the open veld and inside cars.

I have broken the news to wives that their husbands of 50 years have passed on,seeing the sadness when realisation hits them that for the first time in longer than I have been alive, they are alone now.

I have witnessed the after effects of spousal and child abuse, I have comforted small children after their mommy have been killed by their abusive daddy. I have treated hundreds of gunshot victims, under constant gunfire sometimes, assaults, stabbings, burns…. I’ve seen the savagery of the human race, torture, rape, and other atrocities i’d prefer to forget.

I have responded to thousands of motor vehicle accidents, cut up countless cars,







                                                                                                      witnessed the luckiest people surviving spectacular crashes

                                                                                                                                            seen cars in trees

                                                                                                                            cars in precarious positions

                                                                                                                                      Truck accidents

                                                                                                                       rubbish trucks rolling into gardens

                                                                                                                                Bus and train accidents

                                                                                                           mountain rescues (I even broke my wrist on this one)

                                                                                                                                      even ship rescues

Basically, I have seen every atrocity, experienced sadness and grief, witnessed the worst you can imagine…..


I have been the most fortunate person around. I have been in a profession that values life, working alongside heroes, men and women who dedicate their lives, their family time to help others, regardless of the pain they experience. And now, its time to hand over the reigns to the younger generation.

its time for me to pack my jumpbag away, hang up the rescue jacket.

I salute all the paramedics, Firefighters, Police officers, and all those involved in the Emergency Services still out there. You guys are doing a fabulous, rewarding job (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

Destruction of ecstacy

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In May last year, i had the fortune to drive a Ferarri F430


This vehicle is a serious power machine, pure ecstacy, nay, orgasmic, to drive… and today, I got to see the vehicle in a somewhat different manner.

A fortunate ,or soon to be not-so-fortunate, person purchased the Italian masterpiece, and was waiting at home eager for his new toy to arrive.

Unfortunately the salesman bringing  his vehicle , lost control of it, and decided to change the face of it forever!




Not exactly what he was waiting for….

Sad, so very very sad!




























This week has been a bad one. Once again bringing to the forefront child safety in cars, a subject which, unfortunately, appears NEVER to end.

Starting off with a minibus taxi rolling, sending all the occupants flying out the vehicle, initially killing  a 6 month old little girl. Lying just 10 m away, sprawls an 18 month old girl, barely alive, hanging to the last of her breath… I managed to stabilize as best as we could, then sent her to hospital, where sadly she died…

This is a contentious issue in that, while I’ve been a huge advocate for car seats in private vehicles, here we have another problem. Public transportation offers absolute no option for child safety for their passengers… and in the current economic climate, majority of the people utilizing these methods to get to work, take their children with them to drop off at a daycare center, nursery school or wherever. These taxi, transport, legally, 16 passengers, in reality, up to 30… and offer absolute no protection for the little ones.

THEN, last night I went out to a horrific accident… Family driving back home, had a head on collision with on of these taxi’s… massive impact, all occupants were injured.  But relatively minor in comparison, and why? because THEY of course were wearing seat belts!

The impact severe, but other occupants relatively uninjured, proving effectiveness of seatbelts

But the worst off was the little 4 year old girl, who, had the utmost and innocent trust in her mother and father to take care of her…

She was standing in-between the driver and passenger seat on impact, her body was flung forward with a huge force, slamming her beautiful body into the dashboard,  cracking her skull, snapping her neck, rupturing her organs and breaking her little bones!

have a look at the back seat: NO car seat, and intact shell..children would’ve been safe

Despite very aggressive resuscitation,…She will NEVER know what it will be like to learn to read and write, she will NEVER say “I love you ” to her mom and dad again, NEVER get to play in the garden with her dolls, NEVER go to “big school”, NEVER have her first kiss, NEVER have her first boyfriend, and NEVER have the opportunity to make a difference in this sick, cruel world of ours.

and why is that…because despite aggressive resuscitation efforts, this beautiful 4 year old girl died… in front of me…and while my 4 year old daughter sleeps at home…and I cannot help but feel this enormous loss that these parents will feel when we tell them the news. And what do we tell them?

simple….Your daughter is dead… because

YOU didn’t have a car seat.

YOU didn’t  keep her safe.

…I am tired!

I have been in this depressing and emotional career for 16 years… and I am so tired of seeing innocent little children dying because the very people who they trust, literally with their lives, FAIL them. And its always the same…

I drive safely    REALLY? What about the other idiots on the road

It wont happen to me: HMM: thats what thousands of distraught families thought before I tell them they killed their children.

so, I go home after this, walk into my daughters bedroom, and I gave her a big kiss on the forehead, I tell her that I love her so much, and  grateful she is in my life,  and thank God that I have a car seat, and that since the day she first left the hospital at birth, she sat in one… and NEVER has sat in the car without one. because, I love her, and I am responsible for her.

I only wish, that all these so-called parents out there take heed… IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!

So for the love of your creation, PLEASE, use car seats!

I was fortunate to do the medical cover at this years Sports Illustrated “Ruff Stuff” Challenge held at Sun International’s Swazi Sun in Swaziland the last 3 days. The challenge is an annual event hosted by the magazine Sports Illustrated, sponsored by Toyota for the last 11 years. Approximately 3000 entries, eventually widdled down to 4 finalists are teamed up with 4 Sports Stars and are given many grueling tasks and challenges to eventually come out with a winner.

The prize, a Toyota Fortuna!

what a great few days I had. I have had this much fun in a long time. I will over, the next few blogs, show all we did and the fun involved. I will however not name the contestants nor mention who won as I believe that the magazine’s duty.

So for now, here’s a taste…

Me with Former Protea Cricket Captain Shaun Pollock and Former Springbok Rugby captain Corne Krige. Really great guys, I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them.

The contestants with Sports stars Shaun Bartlett and Mark Williams (Former Bafana Bafana stars) and “Polly” and Corne

there were 4 Fortuna’s, which each pairing drove in and completed certain challenges and off-road travelling in.

The host was Mark Bayly, from Survivor

… I am privileged to be able to fly as crew on my off days on board the ER24/Discovery Medical Helicopter.

As with all emergency helicopters worldwide, we tend to fly out to the very serious cases, to stabilize and transport rapidly critically injured  patients that will benefit from the helicopter, as apposed to transporting by road ambulance. This would be the cases that need definitive surgical intervention ASAP, and in many cases, that facility is a long way away, so the time factor in transporting by road exceeds by air.

Yesterday I was on duty on Chopper 1, a Bell Longranger based at Lanseria Airport, in Randburg, Johannesburg. (sorry, I keep forgetting to take my camera with, so no photo’s at present, however you can view the heli at!/ER24Medicopter)

We were called out to a young girl, 11 years old that was knocked over by a car travelling at high speed. She was allegedly crossing the road to go to the shops, and did not see the speeding vehicle. She was struck on her left side, and sustained severe injuries to that side of her body. Head injury with associated bleed, collapsed lung, and such bad leg fractures that she might lose her leg.

Now, sadly, while this is something I see on a daily bases, seeing a child in this condition really hits home. This young lady hasn’t even reached puberty yet, and, IF she survives, and IF she doesn’t have brain damage, and IF her lung can be repaired, and IF she keeps the leg, she might not ever walk properly on two legs again. Now, she was sedated and being ventilated on scene, so she probably will never remember what she had just gone through, but the impact on her and her family, both long term emotionally and physically, is extreme and i wonder if the general population ever thinks about that when they climb in their cars and set off about their business. Whether or not the pedestrian should be in the road or not is an ongoing argument that I have all the time, with both myself and others, the fact still remains that statistically more pedestrians get hit on our road daily than any other accident category combined.  So lets all keep alert. and drive safely or maybe it will be us that puts another child in ICU.

I inserted the key…

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… and an almighty roar emitted from the twin exhausts, sending a shiver down my spine. My heart started palpitating as i depressed the accelerator, entered the road, the engine taunting me to teach the road a lesson.
at the traffic light, i waited, excited and nervous at the prospect. As the opposite light turned amber, I depressed the accelerator, reaching 4000 revs, the handbrake straining to let loose the beast. GREEN! handbrake dropped, and the force pushed me into the bucket seats, the all-wheel drive keeping this almighty machine straight as an arrow. WHAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
0-100km/hr in 3,6 seconds… hell yeah.
Ferrari? Porche?Lamboghini?Aston martin????? ha,, amateur cars…,
This is the one and only, the greatest sports car Ive ever driven.

DEFINITELY the happiest man alive!

pure ecstasy

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My very good friend and proposer into the Knights Templar, V, amongst his other work, tests high performance cars and does a write up in magazines.
Over the last year I have had the opportunity to join him whilst he test drives different cars, all sport and high performance. For example, 6 series BMW, S5 Audi, Audi R8, Ferrari 430, Porche 911… Etc.
Yesterday he asked me go round to his house to take photos of his new “ride”. I normally do his photo shoot for his articles.
So I arrive and find a red Ferrari 575 Maranello.

A cool R 4.3 million rand worth of pure ecstasy


V drove me to another friends house a few KM away, I did the shoot for him, and then he did the coolest thing. He tossed the keys at me and said I can drive back. I settled into the body hugging bucket seats, turned the key to hear an enormous roar. Flicked the paddle gear shift up to first gear and slowly exited the driveway onto the road. Pulled off with an almighty roar and before I knew it I was in third gear breaking for a stop street. I took it slow to V’s street, just enjoying the pleasure of driving this machine, and then as we got to his street, he said accelerate slowly to change to third. As I got to third gear, he said, “punch it” I did… FAN-FRIKKEN-TASTIC.

That power was awesome. I don’t know the technical details, but that power was something I had never experienced before. WOW. I stopped the car and had to sit and try calm down.

It even has its own brake calliper and custom made valve.