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Today we attended the Great Dane Rescue fund raising picnic, where many of  the rescues and their owners came to socialise and meet each other.  Hosted by Tanja and Louisa, the Founders of Great Dane Rescue.

These two dynamic women go out and rescue Danes from abusive homes, those that have been abandoned and some who’s owners just don’t want them anymore, all at their own cost and 100% reliant on sponsors.


….Pluto got to meet his mom, Bonny…

img_0070_fotor.. and of course, Bonny needed to meet Pluto’s new mommy…

img_0065_fotor_fotor… and Pluto’s sister Veiga…

It was a great morning, watching all the Dane’s mixing with each other. Really showing their loving nature, wanting strokes and pets from everyone they could




A Sunday swim

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Dogs and cats, Family

This afternoon we decided to take the dogs for a walk in the park..
1: Snowbelle is slightly on the chubby side
2: Get some energy out of the puppy

The intention, whilst there, was to take some pics of “One-Eyed Jack”. Our new rescue puppy. 4 months old, a breed of his own.. I reckon a mixture of at least a dozen !! His right eye had to be removed just after he was born.




Snowbelle ( 3 yr old Golden Retriever) however, had different ideas.. Her and Ronald ( our 11 year old Jack Russel) spotted the geese and ducks in the dam.. Took a while to gather the courage, and in they went.



Ronald didn’t venture far, jumping in and returning when the water got too deep… Snowbelle in the other hand…This went on twice more, and eventually we had to almost drag her out, she was having SO much fun.



The intended dinner slowly swam away, without a care in the world while a big hairy pooch swing vigorously to them… Eventually Snowbelle got a bit tired and headed back..