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Chip off the ol’ block

Posted: March 24, 2019 in Erin, Family, Photography

Erin has shown an interest in photography for a while, and before we left for holiday, asked if i could teach her on my camera. So, instead of just using mine, I gave her my old one, and we had an amazing time bonding and there is no better location than in the tranquil setting of the Drakensburg mountain range.

Her interest in photography really pleased me, and her keen eye certainly picked up great opportunities and captured them artistically.

Erin joined me at golf, and brought the camera along…


She really had such a great time, and something we will definitely continue doing together as a father/daughter thing.




A week in review

Posted: November 4, 2018 in Erin, Family, tattoo

Most weeks are hectic for me nowadays. My new responsibilities at work, combined with the old, keep me incredibly busy.. and out of mischief I suppose…In addition to the corporate world, our senior management team are always available to respond to emergency cases. This week was no exception, though, it certainly was a difficult one.

A 6 year old drowning, where we successfully obtained spontaneous breathing and pulse, sadly passed away a few days later. A massive accident in the North West Province, called for the need for both our emergency helicopters to be activated. Collected at our head office, I flew out to the scene.  A case which both made me proud and sad at the same time.. Proud.. because, having both our machines on scene certainly makes a stand.. one, no other company can compete with

…sad… because we flew a 2 month old who was sitting on her sister’s lap when their car smashed into a truck.

BMW spoiling us with their new offroad BMW experience in the heart of Midrand.

Followed by yet another tragic accident…

Which brings us to the end of the week.. today.. of which the highlight was another tattoo. Well, sort of, as this tattoo changing an original tattoo.

The original

...check that concentration out..

…work in progress..

… and the final product..

Perfect way to end the the question we ask ourselves.. what’s in store for us next?

Easter raffle

Posted: March 19, 2016 in Erin, Family, Uncategorized

It seems I have a little bit of luck when it comes to raffles. I’ve come home, much to the amusement of my family, with whiskey, brandy, braais, the odd phone or two every so often. So when the school held the Easter raffle, Erin was determined to win it. Her rules were very simple:

  1. Only daddy can enter
  2. Only daddy can write his name (absolutely no help) on each line
  3. Daddy can only fill in the form on the last day

So imagine our surprise when an excessively happy Erin got fetched yesterday from school.. Carrying (or being helped to carry) the raffle prize.

…A serious amount of chocolate…

Now if only I can get that luck working on the National Lottery

Our little cook

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Erin, Family
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Erin went to one of her friend’s birthday party yesterday, and I was dragged along by the Minister of Home Affairs (A.K.A. .. Wife) . The party wasn’t the usual one you would expect for 8 year olds.. This one involved knives and gas !!! 

Each of the friends had their own little station, and so began the cooking lesson…


  …. Some chicken to be cut up… ” all gooey daddy” …. 


…. Chopping up some onions…..


… Shaving some mint chocolate…

And the finished product..???


A seriously delicious chicken vegetable pie… And …

And an amazing peppermint crisp tart…


Now, what shall she make us for supper tonight…????? 

Daddy daughter day…

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Erin, Family

So, with Nicole away for 2 weeks.. again!!…I promised Erin something different this weekend. 



So we headed off to the Gautrain …


Met the big man himself…

And after some serious shopping with a young 8 year old girl, who was on her element, we came across a Samsung expo.

And boy was this fun…a virtual game on the new curved TV.



..Erin suiting up..(and yes, that is a change of clothes )



…. and the attack begins…..




All in all, a great day all round

6 May 2000….

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Erin, Family, wedding

… was a starting point of a new life.  I stood on the carpeted floor with my two close friends next to me, staring down, what seemed to be a long tunnel, feeling the nerves building as the time grew closer.

In the 6 years prior to this moment, I had faced massive gunfire pinned down behind vehicles, shot in the chest at point blank (thank God for bullet proof vests) and faced angry mobs… and never felt these nerves !!

The moment of truth arrived, and a vision of beauty appeared before me ..

20150506_042127  20150506_042234



… How I envisaged my future… (BOY WAS I WRONG)



15 years later… here we are, still married and happy. We been through some serious ups and downs as a couple, supporting each other through our darkest personal moments, receiving the bad news we will never have children and being blessed with a miracle baby 8 years ago who lights our lives each moment we look at her.

Happy anniversary my love, here’s to the next 15 !!

Work out with dad

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Erin, Family, Gym

While mom went to Crossfit this morning, Erin decided she would rather hit the gym and bend some iron with dad…. 


a few dumbell fly’s


some bench presses


Lat pull downs


cable presses


and a few hammer curls while dad carries on with workouts she finds too difficult