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The controversial debate regarding the benefits of both virtual and local clubs has been on-going, and probably will continue for some time.

I was introduced to golf 5 years ago whilst at a corporate golf day, and the bug bit.. very hard. I can now proudly say I am a complete golf addict!! At the time I couldn’t afford to join a local club, so I joined a so-called virtual club.  The club is a genuine 18 hole course in fantastic condition, and we take pleasure in making the trip for the annual club champs. 

Joining this club offered me the opportunity to play this game I grew to love, obtaining a handicap and playing at all the local courses in Gauteng….” 

This is the start of my letter I submitted to the Golf Digest. I have been so frustrated with the attempt to join a local club, I can truly understand why golfers prefer the virtual clubs. So, afer facing obstructions at every turn, I sent the letter to the editor, with the hope it will be published and the various golf courses can appreciate the frustrations that golfers are facing. 

In fact, I ended the letter with..”This letter is to all the clubs in our country. Get out of the 70’s and 80’s, review your acceptance policies, and provide the opportunity for golfers to actually join your clubs, or more new golfers will join the virtual fraternity to avoid the hassle of becoming a member, just to play the game they love” 

To my surpise.. and delight, not only has my letter been published in the January issue of the Golf Digest South Africa,



..but I also won the “letter of the month” and received this a cap and 12 x Pro…

The meat of the letter you ask?.. well, you will find it on page 118 



My tattoo finished by the amazingly talented Bea at Jaded Ink


… my next session will be to touch up the sides.. my “bells and whistles” session …

Then off to the crossfit  Africa Regionals… (blog to follow).


My plan today was to go and watch the finals, but Erin reminded me we hadn’t had an Erin daddy day in a while… now I cant refuse THAT! !! to the golf course we go, and Erin being Erin, she loves choosing her own clothes, depending on whatever she’s thinking about at the time. Normally golf games have her sporting handbags draped over her shoulder,swinging her club wearing a princess dress or something alike.

Not today.


Today she went for a different look, which, LOL, definately raised a few eyebrows and small smiles at the golf course


She showed me how to keep calm after a bad shot…not that I have them , everything of course is planned. I mean, I’ve spent big money to play golf,I may as well get to experience every part of it.


And of course,Erin loves playing a round with her daddy. It really is an awesome time for me. A great bonding session,watching her running around, picking flowers, raking bunkers, smashing balls.. One of her favourite things is lifting her head so the wind from the golf cart blows her hair…

All in all, a great weekend.

Now to face the week… Sigh!!

Little golfing machine

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Erin, Family, golf

Erin is taught the fundamentals of golf at school. Called “Sticks & Stones golf”, the kiddies are taught the swing basics to encourage the love of the game.
I saw how much she looks forward to playing on Fridays, and have seen her swing in the garden, so I decided to get her a few clubs and allow her to embrace the support sport I have grown to love.

So I took her to a local course on Monday, being a public holiday, got a cart as I didn’t think she would manage to walk and play 9 holes, and let her have fun.

And boy did she…


The course was under maintenance, but that didn’t deter us.


it was her first time on a golf course, hitting real clubs and proper balls,


And along with many misses, she still smashed a few brilliant drives with the hybrid. Longest drive being 58m.


They are taught an interesting method of measuring the line to putt, walking from the ball to the hole, then pointing at the ball as in the above picture.


Great form and distance control


All in all, an awesome daddy/daughter day on the golf course.


Oh, and lets not forget the “Sponge-Bob-Square-pants” golf balls she chose.

Golfing at Princes Grant

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Family, golf
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Being on holiday, there is one thing i cannot go without…. GOLF! so I had a choice of a number of courses, and decided to choose the one I’ve been dying to play.

Princes Grant.


Designed by  Peter Matkovich, Princes Grant opened in 1994 and has earned a reputation for excellence, including the Compleat Golfer 5-Star Golf Experience Award. And I can see why, wow, what an amazing experience playing here. From the undulating fairways set up as a links course, in emaculate condition to the perfect fast and true greens, set on multi-layers.
Lots of water holes, tricky par fours and risk and reward par 5’s.


The signature hole, the 15th, is a par 5 with undoubtably the best view any course can have. Teeing off the side of a cliff, the fairway stretching far below. The view is breathtaking, and my partner (our friend from Australia) and I take a moment to absorb all around us.


I have had the opportunity to play on many courses around South Africa, and while I havent as yet been to many of our great ones, make no mistake, Princes Grant is no walk in the park. This well used course by the Sunshine Tour astounded me. The friendly reception, great food, fantastic views, the carpet like fairways and smooth but testing greens, I can honestly say I have found my favorite course.

LPGA pro in the making…

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Family, golf

Erin plays golf at school every week, as part of a development program to encourage coordination and the love of the game. Its not quite the same as we know it, as she is only 4, but the concept is the same.

The clubs are very light, with massive heads, soft balls and hoops as the holes…

But, at least she is getting into the game.

And this week, she came home with a trophy,

…as Player of the Week!…

Im so proud of my Erin…

So now, we have two trophies at home

…My team trophy and Hers…


She stands above the ball…

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Family, golf
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…nice slow back swing…

…keeping wrist cocked for power…

…and follow through…


My Prize!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Family, golf
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Every month, I purchase the two leading golf magazines available in South Africa…and every month I enter every competition they both offer. I love both magazines, as they each have a unique approach to golfing and between the two, one gets all info, news and instruction available.

Anyway, as i say, I’ve entered every competition, both in the magazines, and their respective websites.  So last week, i get this call, and was told that I had entered a competition in the August edition of “CompleatGolfer”, and low and behold… I WON! WOW, amazing, I didn’t think I would ever win any of those competitions.

And what did I win?

A Cleveland Tour Staff bag, as used by PGA pro’s on tour, such as Boo Weekley, David Toms, and Major winner Vijay Singh.

how cool is that?

so now I have a huge mixture… I have Adams clubs, Nike 3-wood, Nike putter, Taylormade driver and a Tour Cleveland bag.