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Chip off the ol’ block

Posted: March 24, 2019 in Erin, Family, Photography

Erin has shown an interest in photography for a while, and before we left for holiday, asked if i could teach her on my camera. So, instead of just using mine, I gave her my old one, and we had an amazing time bonding and there is no better location than in the tranquil setting of the Drakensburg mountain range.

Her interest in photography really pleased me, and her keen eye certainly picked up great opportunities and captured them artistically.

Erin joined me at golf, and brought the camera along…


She really had such a great time, and something we will definitely continue doing together as a father/daughter thing.




… proved very fruitful. We got a break away from it all. Very weird at first having no internet or cellular communications… then we finally just accepted and enjoyed the moments of peace.

Many times I have thought of emigrating, even went through the full process and was offered a post in another country, and truth be told, I only really will be willing to move to the States.. anyway, I’m digressing…

This country is messed up, a complete lawless and corrupt society, but when I stay in the bush, I feel at home and at ease. I love the African bush, the beautiful animal life, the peace and tranquility.  It is the only time I can honestly say, I’m proud to be African.


…a Kudu standing tall and proud…


…Impala leaping across the road…


…a beautiful Wahlberg’s Eagle…



.. the breathtaking view from the neighboring Marakele National Park..


.. the majestic giants of the African veld…


…taking advantage of the shade in the 41°C heat…


…Mountain reed-buck leaping across the veld…


.. and the best of all, we got to see this magnificent beast, resting in the shade. I only pray Erin will get to see more in the wild, unharmed, where they belong.

The October school break is very short, so when we booked our holiday, a few non-negotiable’s were looked at. Firstly, it must be in the bush as Erin has never experienced it yet (which is sad considering we live in Africa), and two, we must be out of communication , PERIOD!!

So many searches on the Net found the perfect location, and we booked at the Seokama Lodge.

A stunning location set in the Waterberg Mountains, between Bela-Bela and Thabazimbi. A self catering luxury tented camp offering complete privacy and zero… and I mean.. ZERO.. cellular communication.

SEOKAMA_2014   SEOKAMA_2014_1


We stayed in one of the 4 luxury tents on the game farm, with the exclusive use of the lodge and farm. With no other guests on the premises, we had the privacy we wanted, and relaxation was in order.

SEOKAMA_2014_17   20141007_144126

Seokama is a breeding game farm and along with a large selection of Warthog, Wildebeest, Impala, Zebra and many other beautiful animals… main attraction and focus of the farm, is their breeding of rare black impala.

SEOKAMA_2014_15      SEOKAMA_2014_16


So we put our feet up, went on daily rides….               ….Sitting in hides….

SEOKAMA_2014_18 SEOKAMA_2014_22

took some pics……                                                       …learnt  how to shoot a pellet gun…


..learning about ” Forest Num-Num Berries”..

SEOKAMA_2014_07  SEOKAMA_2014_06

….and braaing under the African night sky…                     ..on beautiful hot summer evenings..

More of my favorites

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Erin, Family, Photography

Here are a few more of my favorite photo’s from our family photo shoot… Fr more info about Jeanette’s photography, go to





Wow… Its hard to imagine that E is 6 already. From being told I’ ll never have children, our miracle baby was born, and has been the light of my life for the last 6 years.


From being told I’ll never have children, our miracle baby was born, and an amazing girl came into my life.


A beautiful little girl with an incredible personality, infectious laugh


Incredible personality….


Who is growing up so fast…


Happy birthday my girl

A taste of a friends wedding

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Photography, wedding

Last weekend, I had the honour of doing the photo’s of a friends wedding. I have known Ondine for 17 years, since tech days as student paramedics.

O.D, this is a tease of what’s to come




Congrats Ondine and Pierre, you make a beautiful couple.

For 16 years, I have worked in and out of townships, including almost 2 years exclusively in one of the most dangerous ones during a very volatile time in our country. So the thought of going to one for an evening out didnt sit well with me.

But I went to Soweto, the largest township in South Africa on the outskirts of Johannesburg, housing  a few million people, and stayed in the 4 star Soweto Hotel. Nicole had been given this night by the sales manager, due to the work being organised through her company.

I was very apprehensive and scepticle, purely due to my past experiences in there and other townships. We went to Vilikazi street, and went to Mandela’s house, where he had stayed before his arrest and subsequent 27 year imprisonment. The house, was just another low cost house no different to any other in the area. Inside however, was interesting. Not the structural part, but rather all the pictures and memorabilia depicting his life.
The hotel was surprisingly very nice. Outside looking like a dingy war town building, but inside, a typical elegant hotel you expect out of a 4 star rating.
Situated on the freedom square and we walked across to the location where the freedom charter was signed.


                                                                     The huge wall explaining what each part of the square represents


The South African version of the American Declaration of Independance. In the centre, was where the freedom torch was lit.


Unfortunately, there is alot of the charter which not only has not been achieved, but has regressed to what it was and even worse. Especially when the current President blames the lack of textbooks on a President, albeit one of the biggest perpetrators of the apartheid era, who died in 1966.

I only hope that the country takes note on what the Freedom Charter represents and actually makes an attempt to truely have a democratic country, which we very far away from.


The hotel is famous for their monthly jazz festival.


                                                                                           an old battered saxaphone


                                                                                          the buffet table a nice combination of old and new.

…. During the war.


I came to a conference in the Magaliesburg Mountain range this week, and we stayed over at a nearby game farm,Askari Game Lodge. A beautiful location, within the mountains, with a wide array of museum pieces…


From an 1896 horse driven ambulance…


To farming equipment from the same time period…


…. To ox driven wagons from the Boer War, an integal part if South African history…



….A lovely location for a wedding….


….. However, not such great place to smoke….

This weekend we came to Lakeland, at the Hartebeesport dam for a bit of R &R, golfing, boating, just all round relaxing. N’s family has a place down here, a beautiful tranquel setting, perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and work.

After Jeanette posted her blog about Kathy’s brave fight with breast cancer, I was sitting looking at the dam, and it reminded me of a time we came here in December 2006. Early Christmas morning, I woke up at 04h30, in order to set up my tripod and camera at the dam, and wait for sunrise.  As I came out my room, I saw my father-in-law, sitting outside in the dark. He said he couldn’t sleep, and wanted to come with me to talk. So we walked down to the dam’s edge, set up, and sat on the grass bank and chatted.

You see, I had a very special relationship with my father-in-law, as he wasn’t just that to me. He was also my Brother.

He proposed me into Freemasonry, he brought me into the Fraternity I have grown to love and thrive in. He held my arm in the distinctive Masonic grip, and led me into the Lodge at my initiation, and blindfolded, he was by my side as I took my obligation, and removed the blindfold for me to see as he taught me about the great and emblematical Lights in Freemasonry.

We sat and spoke about Masonry, how much it meant to him, his aspirations to grow and learn in the Craft, and my future in the fraternity, and where I wanted to go with it. And as the sun rose, I took a picture, which to this day, hangs on the wall in my lounge. This very picture, I gave to my Brother when he could no longer get out of bed, the cancer having finally taken its toil. Every time I look at it, I remember his fight, his will to survive, his determination to see his first granddaughter born, his corny jokes, his love for animals and his family, and his passion for a Fraternity that embraced him as a man, as a father, as a husband, as a MASON.

25 December  2006 sunrise

Every time I visit a Masonic Lodge on the East Rand of Johannesburg, I hear tales of a Masonic Brother, a vet from from the area, who was always the life of the festive board, with his jokes and care free attitude. He resides now in the Grand Lodge in the sky, and I’m sure he is constantly keeping The Great Architect of the Universe entertained with his wit.

I returned from Cape Town this week, having been there on business, and I had the brief opportunity to visit Kathy, and I was so impressed with her optimism, and FIGHT.

Kathy, you are truly an amazing woman, taken this breast cancer head on and refusing to back down. I’m so proud of you!

On Sunday I did a photography shoot for the Inter-Provincial Ten Pin Bowling teams, and whilst waiting for the teams to arrive, I used the opportunity to take a few pics.


Because I had Erin with me, i don’t normally take her with to shoots, but I couldn’t find a babysitter, I convinced her to model for me, while I took different shots to get the exposure right.