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A week in review

Posted: November 4, 2018 in Erin, Family, tattoo

Most weeks are hectic for me nowadays. My new responsibilities at work, combined with the old, keep me incredibly busy.. and out of mischief I suppose…In addition to the corporate world, our senior management team are always available to respond to emergency cases. This week was no exception, though, it certainly was a difficult one.

A 6 year old drowning, where we successfully obtained spontaneous breathing and pulse, sadly passed away a few days later. A massive accident in the North West Province, called for the need for both our emergency helicopters to be activated. Collected at our head office, I flew out to the scene.  A case which both made me proud and sad at the same time.. Proud.. because, having both our machines on scene certainly makes a stand.. one, no other company can compete with

…sad… because we flew a 2 month old who was sitting on her sister’s lap when their car smashed into a truck.

BMW spoiling us with their new offroad BMW experience in the heart of Midrand.

Followed by yet another tragic accident…

Which brings us to the end of the week.. today.. of which the highlight was another tattoo. Well, sort of, as this tattoo changing an original tattoo.

The original

...check that concentration out..

…work in progress..

… and the final product..

Perfect way to end the the question we ask ourselves.. what’s in store for us next?

Number 8..Session 1

Posted: December 3, 2016 in tattoo
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Time for tattoo number 8. The decision for this one took a while, and I’d been throwing ideas for a while. 

The end goal? 

A dragon tattoo on my chest. 

So I searched the net for ideas, chatted to friends, even one of them drawing a few ideas for me. 

…..This stunning one drawn by a very talented  and  good friend, Natalie..  Now, I couldn’t let this go to waste.. so he’s framed. 

In the end,   Charmaine found the perfect one. The moment she sent it, I knew that belonged on my chest. And so the process began.. measuring my chest to make sure the tattoo will be the perfect size. 

I’ve have been so excited about today, I could hardly contain myself when i arrived at TattooCharm and saw my stencil, waiting for me. 

Now, I came mentally prepared, knowing that a chest tattoo will be more painful than my others.. 

 I know I’m a woes when it comes to pain (I have an extremely low pain threshold). Within 15 minutes of the needles drilling into me , the endorphins kicked in.. and man down I went. My eyes felt heavy, and dozed off and on.. 

Eventually the endorphins decided, “bugger this, we’re outa here”  and boy did they leave in a hurry. 

Probably my grimacing and scrunching face gave it away, LOL, either way, we both agreed it was time time to stop. 

I can’t wait for January to finish him up.. He’s going to look  amazing !!!


Posted: December 14, 2015 in Masonic, tattoo, Uncategorized
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As with anyone getting tattoos, I started looking at getting a new one immediately after my last a few months ago.  This time, I wanted to design  one myself, specifically looking at the symbolism of Masonry, selecting those symbols which represent and/or are special to me.

Many consultations with Nicole throwing ideas around, drawing different versions. The symbols I wanted was easy to decide, I just didn’t really know how to place into an image… . I finally came up with my design I truly wanted.  Next I needed to plan where I wanted it, and when.

As fate would have it, Nicole bumped into an old friend from years back, whom we had lost contact with after she opened her studio and moved to a different location. Typically in this electronic age, changing phones and the like, one tends to lose numbers. Sitting with Charmaine, I showed her my idea, and she loved it.. we discussed various options to complete (my drawing was horrific). The final product… WOW… absolutely perfect.

Sunday afternoon we arrived at TattooCharm, and began to ink.



The finished product?


Spectacular !!!!..The extremely talented Charmaine’s (specializing in body painting and tattoos) beautiful artwork depicting the Masonic symbolism which I live by (or try to), in my quest to become a better man, husband, father and Mason.



Touch up

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Masonic, tattoo

So, 2 years ago I decided to have a tattoo done. After years of wanting one, I finally got the courage and went ahead…


Now, 4 tattoos down the line, I realised it’s time to head back to the first for some adjustment.  The fabulous Bea continued her work and coloured it in.


I love it now, even more than before… one more session to finish the rays and then she’s done… (for now)

My next one already on the drawing board. ….

A token to an inspiration

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Family, tattoo

The inspiration of how to finish my Phoenix tattoo happened in December when my Aunt and Uncle came for a visit from the Western Cape.

Kathy is a breast cancer survivor, having fought the dreaded disease with full might, as eloquently described and portrayed in Jeanette’s blog

Kathy is fighting cancer yet again, this time harder than ever. Kathy is like a second mother to me, and a friend who always makes time to talk to via phone or texting, or whilst I’m in Cape Town over coffee or dinner.


With me currently coming to grips with some of my own “interesting” health news, I found I have been thinking more and more about Kathy. Seeing her sheer determination, will to live, and awesome positive attitude has become an inspiration for me not to give up, and not allow tests and diagnosis’s get me down. Rather focus on what’s important to me.

The ones I love!

I went to Bea, my awesome tattooist from The Black Lodge,  and explained what I want and the meaning thereof and her work, as usual, presented it perfectly.

Thanks Bea


The Phoenix now has a double meaning for me: Victory over temptation , and depicting the woman who inspires me to be strong no matter what the odds.

My tattoo finished by the amazingly talented Bea at Jaded Ink


… my next session will be to touch up the sides.. my “bells and whistles” session …

Then off to the crossfit  Africa Regionals… (blog to follow).


My plan today was to go and watch the finals, but Erin reminded me we hadn’t had an Erin daddy day in a while… now I cant refuse THAT! !! to the golf course we go, and Erin being Erin, she loves choosing her own clothes, depending on whatever she’s thinking about at the time. Normally golf games have her sporting handbags draped over her shoulder,swinging her club wearing a princess dress or something alike.

Not today.


Today she went for a different look, which, LOL, definately raised a few eyebrows and small smiles at the golf course


She showed me how to keep calm after a bad shot…not that I have them , everything of course is planned. I mean, I’ve spent big money to play golf,I may as well get to experience every part of it.


And of course,Erin loves playing a round with her daddy. It really is an awesome time for me. A great bonding session,watching her running around, picking flowers, raking bunkers, smashing balls.. One of her favourite things is lifting her head so the wind from the golf cart blows her hair…

All in all, a great weekend.

Now to face the week… Sigh!!

For many years I have wanted a tattoo,but have always been too chicken to go ahead with it. In March, CHOC organised a tattoo-a- thon to raise money for cancer research, and I thought…THIS is the opportunity!

So I went ahead and booked my tattoo. Circumstances happened, and I couldnt go to the origional booking, and ended up going today after work.

Now, the decision as to what to have is always a tough one. I had an image in mind, and sat with artist, Bea, who transformed my ideas into a work of art. For me, I felt I needed to choose something that means alot. Not just a design from books. Its going to be permanent, so I gad to have something that represents ME!!

And so the time had begun, sitting on the sterile bed, in cubicle that resembles an isolation unit in an ICU definately put me at ease. Bea’s easy-go conversations placing me at ease, explaining everything as she went along..


The picture traced onto my arm…And…. Off we go! The buzzing started and I felt the first little sting.


I must admit, it really was an interesting experience. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting, just an annoying continuous little sting. But Bea kept me at ease, and we yacked away… Yes, even me (to those who know me well) while she performed her artwork


I have a new found respect for tattoo artists. A profession woven by passion and a artistic gift that has not gone to waste.

A HUGE thanks to Bea at Jaded Ink

Oh, yes… The finished product?


Well, almost finished… Touch up to follow..