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As I’ve previously explained in the post for my Installation,  every year, the respective Masonic Lodges elect and invest a new Worshipful Master (WM) to preside over the Lodge. My Lodge, Orphic Lodge was the first week in February.

I was planning on writing this shortly afterwards, but life got in the way.

There are specific moments and ceremonies which are very special to a Mason. HIs initiation, being Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, being installed as the Worshipful Master, and many more occasions during our masonic journey in self fulfilment and Craft progression.

For me, this installation was very special indeed. Not only was a friend Installed as WM, each of my candidates received their first office positions in the Lodge. This past year was an awesome year for me personally in my Masonic Journey. Four very good friends approached me and indicated their wish to join our prestigious Order.

And so, after going through to application process, interviews with them and later with their families, I had the privilege of initiating each of them. As their proposer into the Craft, it’s my responsibility to ensure their journey is successful. That they grow into better men and husbands, fathers and sons.

After the WM is installed, his duty is to invest his officers for the year.  My chest swelled with pride as I saw each of my candidates receive their first office appointments. Their faces echoing my pride, watching them standing taller as they were led by the District Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies for the evening, to the office positions.


…Me and my guys with their office collars on… unfortunately, two need to remain anonymous..


….Ryan being his usual animated self….

After the Installation ceremony, Lodges treat the Grand, District Officers and visiting Brethren to a meal, drinks, and of course, a raffle for charity.


Grant convincing the Brethren to part with their money…


… whilst being exceptionally confused why there wasn’t alcohol in the ice bucket…

All in all, a fantastic night enjoyed by everyone, and I wait with proud anticipation to see each of my Brethren progress to their next steps on the ladder and growth in Masonry.



Every year, the District Grand Lodge of South Africa North, of the Grand Lodge of England, hosts its annual banquet in honour of the charity recipients selected by the Masonic Benevolent Committee. 

Over the past 20 years, over R 25 Million has been donated to non-Masonic charities. 

The recipients  this year were  the Three Church feeding schemes, Impilo Home for Aids Orphans, The Gordon Foundation Swaziland, The Hero Burns Unit Pretoria and the Green Beings Solar Lighting Project. 

As usual, the recipients receiving the larger donations attended the banquet to receive their respective cheques, and to provide some background to their charities. 

The Amazing Grace Children’s Home received a generous donation to build a new laundry. 

And then, the recipient who received the larger amount, was one that shares a special place in my heart. As an Emergency Practitioner, I have seen the devastation traumatic head injuries cause, so seeing an organization like Headway benefiting from our charity  drives really warms my heart… 

.. And what made it even more special, was they were represented by two amazing women I worked with, and became good friends with, many years ago at Glynnwood Hospital. 

Sally and Bianca, we are all so proud of your achievements at Headway. Well done and keep up the amazing work you do for the patients and their families. 

There is a well know saying that says ” how do you know a Vegan or Crossfitter?… They tell you”. Well, that’s me as a Freemason. 

I proudly call myself a Freemason, and will tell everyone I meet. In this day and age, it is something that’s no longer a hidden secret, and the more the fraternity gets to be known, the more the outside world realizes there is nothing sinister about the fraternity. I am a changed man since I joined 10 years ago and as I’ve progressed through different degrees and orders within the Fraternity, and what I’ve experienced and learnt, ,makes me even prouder and love Masonry even more. 

Now, being part of different orders: The Craft of course (Masonry), the supreme degree of the Royal Arch, Rose Croix and Knights Templar, each one holds a very special place in my heart. A Mason progresses through all the positions within each order from his initiation to the head of his Lodge, Preceptory or Chapter, learning and growing as he passes through each level. Having been the Worshipful Master and Excellent Companion of my Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter respectively, my pride for the Fraternity is extreme. 

The Rose Croix no different. A few years ago, I explained my entry into the Rose Croix   It is a beautiful spiritual order, focusing on Christian values and ethos. Last night was a specifically important evening for me, as I was enthroned as the Most Wise Sovereign of the Composite Chapter. As with any order and degree of Masonry, I cannot reveal what transpired or was learnt, but suffice to say, it was an amazing evening. 

Standing in front of the alta as The Most Wise Sovereign

This beautiful collerette is handed down from Sovereign to Sovereign

  I was at Lodge the other night, and a Brother handed me a summons for the installation at another lodge


So I thought, great, Ill go to that…. Then i realised it had already passed. When looked confused, he just smiled and said “look at the back page”.
I turned it round…. And WOW, the in print, is the poem I wrote just after iI was invested for the first time as Worshipful Master of Orphic Lodge.


I can only think it was obtained from my post..
I’m truly honoured, thank you Brethren. When I have written poetry, it really is just my feelings expressed, I never dreamed they would be liked by others.

The old Masters Wages

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This is one of those poems that makes us take a good look at ourselves, whether we are a mason or not.
I find it to be  a very thought provoking one…
It was sent to me by a Masonic Brother in Australia, and was written in 1979..
The Old Masters Wages

I met a dear old man today,
Who wore a Masonic pin,
It was old and faded like the man,
It’s edges were worn quite thin.

I approached the park bench where he sat,
To give the old brother his due,
I said, “I see you’ve traveled east,”
He said, “I have, have you.”
I said, “I have, and in my day
Before the all seeing sun,
I played in the rubble, with Jubala
Jubalo and Jubalum.”

He shouted, “don’t laugh at the work my son,
It’s good and sweet and true,
And if you’ve traveled as you said,
You should give these things their due.”
The word, the sign the token,
The sweet Masonic prayer,
The vow that all have taken,
Who’ve climbed the inner stair.

The wages of a Mason,
are never paid in gold,
but the gain comes from contentment,
when you’re weak and growing old.
You see, I’ve carried my obligations,
For almost fifty years,
It has helped me through the hardships
and the failures full of tears.

Now I’m losing my mind and body,
Death is near but I don’t despair,
I’ve lived my life upon the level,
And I’m dying upon the square.
Sometimes the greatest lessons
Are those that are learned anew,
And the old man in the park today
has changed my point of view.

To all Masonic brothers,
The only secret is to care,
May you live your life upon the level,
May you part upon the square.
by N. Neddermeyer

When I was invested as Worshipful Master, it was truly an amazing experience. I wrote this poem based on that night. Freemason’s out there will understand, the popular world, not so much….

I hope you enjoy!

King Solomon’s Chair

I stood upon the chequered floor,

and faced King Solomon’s chair.

The Masters of the past assembled

and a Tyler guarding our Fare.


The moment arrived for which I had waited,

An obligation was required.

To take my place amongst the brethren,

With the greats that I admired.


From North to South to West to East,

The ancient journey is taken.

A Mason aspires to travel that road,

Which others would not have forsaken.


My heart does beat, and faster still

It pounds away in my chest.

As I kneel and place my hands on the Law,

And promise to do my best.


A pledge is taken, fidelity promised

Honour and virtue assured.

About my neck, a jewel is placed

And the clasp is then secured.


Toward to pedestal I’m taken and placed

Upon the ancient Throne.

Where Monarchs and Princes, and Dukes and men,

And a brotherhood is sown.


The feeling is one I cannot describe,

As I invest my Brothers that night.

And as I gaze upon the lodge right then,

Realisation hits me with might.


“Worshipful Master” now I’m called,

From Past and Master Masons,

The Entered Apprentice and Craftsmen alike

While they take their obligations.


A Lodge to rule and govern this year

With Brothers to nurture and guide.

Advice to be taken from my mentors of past,

While they stand as one by my side.


The evening is done, the brethren invested,

I walk outside with pride.

A fraternity of men with whom I belong

Have honoured me deep inside.


And so on the chair each month I sit

From which Solomon ruled true and fair,

And talk with pride with men alike

Bonded on the square.

By W. Bro Carl de Montille



Last night was a very prestigious evening for me. Every mason aspires to get to the highest position in the lodge. A position that takes years of patience and study, and for me, last night that honour was bestowed upon me.

I was installed into the chair of King Solomon, and made the Worshipful Master of Orphic Lodge (5949 E.C)

And I have to say, it was an amazingly surreal experience. I was so nervous at the beginning of the evening, as there were very distinguished Brethren present, and I was hoping, nay, praying that all the work I had studied would come back at the right moment. You see, all our work is done by memory. And… did. In fact, the evening went better than I had hoped for.

The Jubilee jewel, honoured to the Worshipful Master, around my neck